Monday, August 31, 2009

If my current life could be summarized into a song title, it would be: What the @#$%.

Not only is my workload crazy, if that isn't bad enough, my personal life has to take a beating as well.

Yeah. What the @#$%, is a good song title.

Am i mad at God? No. Am i still dependent on God and trusting in Him? You bet. In fact, God is all the more important to me now than ever before. He is the only one i trust. Because humans can be so damn heinous.

But right now... God is out of the picture. My head and heart is just simply swimming in anger and sadness and i think the amount of poison being generated inside me right now can kill off a few hundred rats.

I need counselling. Pronto.

I want to run away. From school, work. Life.
Just make me freaking disappear.


Mimosa said...

I can relate to the wanting to disappear part. Therapy is expensive.. otherwise, I'll be going heh. Cheaper form is to talk to friends... wanna meet for cheap therapy??? :)

zzen said...

therapy is more professional advice. n i tink some things we dun want others to know alot, if u need a listening ear, go to frends. if u need professional advice, see a counsellor! just go. wats there to lose?it may be costly. but to me is worthed it all

Sensei Lucille said...

i think it's better that you seek professional advice...they can see things from a clearer point of view...furthermore...this involves considerations regarding your career direction right?

van said...

I want to disappear too.


Anonymous said...

tell me about it. I am PLAGUED with work too. Let's battle it out together gal! You aren't alone at all!

And yes - I can totally understand about the workload part - I felt like crying thinking about it too.


Sensei Lucille said...

you can afford the therapy. Just go for it...take good care of your personal well being...

joline said...


HAHAHHA. That made me laugh, mer. Sure... We can meet for cheap therapy... We can make it cheaper by having it at my place or something. :P

Which reminds me, I messaged you about bimbo night twice and no reply leh!


i will go, in due time. i know that i have to... the busy-ness just seems to force me to do what i need to do and ingore my pain. Argghh.


Nope, nothing to do with my career directon.

And no, i cannot afford therapy. The only one i can "afford" is the one by church, which is good for non working students like me. The only thing i need to give, is time!


Where you want to disappear to?

Greece, or the Maldives would be nice. Better still, if we could be zapped up to Heaven like. Right. Now.


*grips your hand*
Okay! Step by step...
You sounded so busy over your sms.