Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Update 2: I is going to paste triangle on zee car window. And face the temptation of driving around the carpark on my own. Heh. I feel so handicapped not being able to park properly now that i have no poles to help me do things mechanically. Oh well. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Update 1: PASSED. With 12 demerit points. Hurhur. And i got to drive my folks around the carpark at home.... but boy, parking is a #$&#%&##@(#!!!!!!
(no more poles! Dangit!)


I want to pass my driving test, i want to pass my test!

(sing song to the tune of "I want to ride my bicycle!" by Queen. I think it's a pretty odd song, but anyway.)


Anonymous said...

hahaha, i love this song! Ephraim keeps singing this! haha.


joline said...

some people on youtube suggested that the "bicyle" wasn't quite referring to a real bicyle... *ahem*

zzen said...

congrats! tats means u passed le ma......wow, u deserved a good nice haagen ice cream~mango sorbet! durian puffs! chicken pie! apple pie! mocha latte!ok can see i very greedy

Anonymous said...

hahaha. REALly? I'm not surprise that it's not a real bike, since Mercury dead of AIDS. yikes.

haha. Use the other cars as your guides!