Saturday, August 15, 2009

i can't stop me

Just when i told van, myself 2 weeks ago and over dinner to joy and denise that i was going to give my knees a break , i was once again bitten by the running bug. Argh. I can't seem to stop myself. Talk about a love/hate relationship with running, a la New Balance advert.

So when i got home from cell group, instead of doing my paperwork, i took out my running gear, went running and got home around 12ish am.

Surprisingly, despite having taken a break from running (though i still did some brisk walking) my body felt lighter than i've ever felt in a long time, and my breathing came clear and easy. I also found that i could keep running, as long as i took it at an easy pace which given was slower than my usual pace that's done along the canal. Still, the physical difference i felt was a 180degree change from when i was actually training purposefully and regularly a few weeks ago. How odd.

A big part of the reason why i took off running at a weird hour (other than that i was hoping to find my mates at holland v) was because of defiance. I told myself that the reason why my knees were feeling weird lately was because i WASN'T running (as opposed to what most people would say... that it is stiff from having injured them so much). Maybe i'm in denial but i really felt like the stiffness was because i wasn't using them.

Well, my knee joints were kind of tender when i got home... There is pain only if i place weight on it without using my quads to support the knee cap area or if i twist it in a funny way. Did some strengthening exercises and stretching. I wouldn't say all is fine and dandy... Looks like glucosamine is going to be part of my regular diet.

I guess i enjoyed my run also because i chose to go off the canal with the marked distance, and instead allowed my body and mind decide how far i wanted to go. So, there was no pressure to finish a certain distance by whatever time, and there were no expectations of how much distance i should cover.

It was just me, my asics (am still not a convert though), the road and feeling light and free.

I digress... When i think about my asics, it reminds me of that funny trip to running lab where i got them. The sales guy and i were talking a whole lot about running while waiting for me (i took 2 HOURS to decide) to choose a pair of shoes from 4 pairs that he recommended to me. And after i paid and left, it was gem who showed me what was typed and printed at the end of the receipt. Sales guy had typed at the bottom: "Really cute smile! =)" No wonder he seemed to be taking longer than usual to process my purchase. Teehee.


zenn said...

aiyo if i were u, i wont wan to aggravate my knees anymore. remember my doc said to me, dun test the limits of ur body....take care. maybe u shud go gym and do the skiing machine. it is supposedly better for those with knee problems. tats like one of my fave machines in the compulsory must do haven been going lately....sad....sch is starting next monday!

joline said...


yea, school has started...

oh, i do do the cross trainer thingy. quite tiring yeah!

zzen said...

i do slowly so it is nt tat tiring to me. i tink also becos the machine i used dun move the arms one. for me, the most tiring one is the 'stepping' machines.mimick climbing stairs one. woah tat one, i tink i ache after just 5 min lor.hahahah....i lousy la

joy! said...

hHhAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA CHEEEKY SALES GUY!!!!!!! eh comecome run 42k with us!!!!!! we'll train every sat morning!!!!!! :D :D

joline said...


cheeky hor. hurhur. i was like, heng ah... 25 year old lao jiao at least still got some looks. HAHA.

eh, i think i cannot start training for 42km now, a bit late and my knees will give in if i suddenly overload them with long distance running.

GO JOY!!!!!