Monday, May 28, 2007

Howdy people. Things have been a blur since the exams ended last, last friday. I had envisioned indulging in lazy unhurried days... Must have been quite a daydream because with the flurry of activities, lazy days would most likely remain a vision till about maybe July.

There's so much to say, but it's mostly stuff that i want to say to myself. I guess you could eavesdrop on my thoughts if you want to. Just be prepared to be bored or left wondering what on earth i'm talking about.

Number 1 on my priority list:
Keep the well-being kit up and running, keeping deadlines and meeting content targets. I thought i was free from doing essays, but boy... this project that i'm involved in is like one massive essay! With Pictures. Diagrams. Charts. Illustrations. Stories. Basically anything that will help translate the message of maintaining mental health across to employees from two prominent sectors in Singapore and their families. A project with repercussions, indeed.

Number 2:
Games planning with Gabe. Dude, i'm so busy i haven't had time to even plan when to meet let alone having done any research.

Number 3:
EXERCISE. (going to try out my new running tights to see if its more comfortable than shorts!)

Number 4:
Catch up with people. I have a tendency not to do this despite wanting to. The reason is because i often feel that i need to get myself in order before feeling ready to meet other people. But i take too long to fix myself, especially during the holidays. I need some major planning.

Number 5:
Fry my multiple sunshine quails eggs on one pan. And other assorted oddities.

Number 6:
SHOP. On weekdays ONLY. Beginning in the MORNING. I went to orchard on friday and the crowd in town is CRAZY. Boy, I hate it when holidays and sales coincide. But that's the way it naturally is and will remain.

Number 7:
Plan and work on wedding videos. Gosh, how time flies. (Not my wedding lah.)

Number 8:

Ladeedah, ok, got to go.

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