Monday, May 07, 2007

Hmmm! Did you see the line up of runs for this year?

July: Milk Run
July: Shape Run
July: Mizuno Wave Run
August: New Balance Real Run
August: Army Half Marathon
September: Run For Hope
November: Singapore-Johor 2nd Link Bridge
December: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon



The sky over the dog run field was absolutely beautiful today. (not sure how to process the photo so that the grass doesn't look so black. :-S)

More beautiful sky.

Some person sitting with her back against the sun to provide shade for Jed. (black dog = absorbs heat = very hot) Just look at his face! His tongue is hanging out and his eyes are closed... Gawwsh, he looks so silly. Teehee!

My baby.

Both being comfy on the beanbag.

Weird faces by the both of us.


Issy said...

hey jo, are the deadlines to sign up for all those runs over already?

and jed's so cute, if only he can be this calm when we're around heh :D

joline said...


nope, not over yet! in fact, i've not gotten word about the Milk and Shape Run yet... So , no worries. I'm on the lookout and i'll let you girls know.

haha.... i think tt once he gets to know everyone well enough, he will be calm. Not 100%, but significantly so. ;-) Yeah, he is cute isn't he.... *squishy dog*

lakeside girl said...

Looking good, babe!

Give Jed a wet kiss on the nose for me!

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Thanks Mari! ;-P Oh. Did you know... that in all his 4 years, i've never dared to kiss his nose... cos i don't know where he has poked it into! The closest would be a kiss around his nose, OR, a nose to nose touch. Both of which i've already done on your behalf. Teehee~.

It's funny how when a dog actually smells bad, as in, the smell is classified as a bad smell, but an owner of a particular dog would tend to think that it's a nice doggy smell.