Monday, June 04, 2007

I rediscovered the joys of playing internet reversi, but this time in the confines of the cold office. Which kinda adds to the kick of playing it since doing fun stuff at work is kept to a minimum... So anyway, man...

It felt so good trashing my opponent on my first game after almost 2 years of not playing reversi. The sweetest part? Was that i was "losing" at the beginning. It looked like i was already on the verge of being beaten, with something like 3 or 4 black pieces (me) to 20+ white pieces (opponent).
But really, what matters is:

(1) choosing to challenge the challenge
(2) believing in and seeing the end goal rather than the current problem(s)
(3) being careful, and concentrating on strategizing and securing the key "positions" that will eventually let you overcome, despite being at first overwhelmed by your seeming failure.

Sounds a lot like navigating through Life, doesn't it?


I had stuff on the whole of last week.

- mon (edit: had dinner at MOS, watched "Amazing Grace", and supper at Cineleisure, all with my cell group AND a new Egyptian friend! Thanks Issy! ;-DDD)
- tues (housework and getting work clothes)
- wed (work and camp games planning)
- thur (worship min and cell advance)
- fri (projectNUS dry run and camp comm meeting and gran's b'day dinner)
- sat (Habitudes seminar and church)
- sun (west coast)

Rest was something i needed super badly... But i certainly do not regret my time spent with my girlies yesterday at West Coast Park. Wah lao, i had SO MUCH fun.

I'd say that I've got more good memories to replay in my mind and heart than words to describe how the day went... So i just wanted to leave a post here to remind me of the day we spent together on a beautiful, God given and blessed Sunday afternoon (and night).

Shall go watch the videos i took. Tradeelala. :-)


Issy said...

I had SO MUCH fun toooooo!!!!! :D
and i noe some of the things u did on monday...we went to watch amazing grace! and we had dinner before that at MOS burger and nice supper after that at the 24 hours hong kong restaurant at cine! :D

Joline said...


OH YEAH! Goodness, thanks for reminding me... :-DDD
Edited liao!

ruyi said...

hey surprise!!!!!!! ur unexpected guest!! i had super fun too.. i luv ur sandwiches. haha ur sandwiches kept me going for lunch as well as dinner... haha. we shall do tt more often yea...


joline said...


HEY GIRL!!! AHH!!! It's sooo nice to see you here. So finally. We've both seen each other's blogs. ;-) Haha, thanks for cleaning up my tuna sandwiches man... You seriously give me face. Hahaha.... But, i'll try not to keep making tuna sandwiches, or i'll bore everyone after a while. Amen to more girly trips and chats!

hughug (hurhur)