Thursday, May 03, 2007

Clothes from Island Shop do not seem to favour people with some form of anterior assets.


It dawned on me that the answer to why Gem is so quiet (no replies to my smses!) can be found in the Life! section, TV page, ESPN Sports Channel, UEFA Champ...


Pat's Schoolhouse decided to lie low and not respond to me or something, but friend's mom gave me the greenlight to come to her workplace! I am ever soooo grateful to her. TRULY.

While i'm rejoicing that i'm no longer stuck in a rut, I am fully aware that i'm embarking on the inevitable suicide-ish attempt (though i'm confident i will NOT die) at my exam equivalent take home project. Interview on monday afternoon, report due two days later, on the wednesday.


But still, a part of me knows (i believe it's God's peace that resides in my innermost being) that i'll be ok.

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