Monday, May 21, 2007

angsty post on the physical (updated)

Today, i was just thinking about the woman of today living in a society such as this.
And i think that men who want their girlfriends and wives to be stereotypically slim/pretty/lusciously curvy/blemish free/etc, and to STAY that way in order to be considered beautiful, desirable and/or worthy, display an utterly shallow, media-blinded and insensitive reflection of themselves. Do they need reality checks or what.

Firstly, we women come in all shapes, sizes and builds. And so do men. So they should deal with it.

Secondly, we women bear their children. And what do we sacrifice to get in return, physically, for our effort? Firm skin for flappy excess skin, hormonal changes that affect the way we look, a leaner-in-comparison-body for post pregnancy fats, blemish-free skin for stretch marks, etc. I think we deserve some respect, and don't they dare think that our child birth battle marks are ugly.

Thirdly, women have a higher fat ratio than men. So don't think it's so easy for us to achieve that that super athletic, toned body. We live for more than just how we look, and besides, if we had our way, do they think that our lives revolve around such shallow pursuits? (that's if how good we look on the outside is a measure of how good we feel about ourselves)

Fourthly, metabolic rate decreases as we grow older. Men and women go through this. And so, oh please. Don't get all double standard-ish, and worse still, make demands of us if they cannot even stop that belly from spilling over either.


Quoting from EzyHealth and Beauty, May 2007... This is with regards to women who go for reconstructive surgery to tighten up their nether regions for the sake of saving a marriage and/or to enhance sexual pleasure.

"Some women are going to drastic lengths as a result of negative comments by their spouses. (...) The most common reason we hear is that their husbands are unhappy with the way they look and feel after childbirth" - a visiting Australian gynaecologist.

"Both men and women must come to realize that lasing intimacy does not arise from having the perfect body - and that the responsibility to make a relationship work is not the sole domain of the female."


Issy said...

this post made me wanna give you a high five straight away! so give me a high five babe! *puts out right palm* lol i'm super ridiculous...anyway u get totally agree with wad u wrote!! heh :D

joline said...


HAHAHa... don't worry, i high five too! (though most people wld consider that passe.. but who cares?! muah haha...)

If someone else had posted this, i wld be jumping for joy too man... Just felt that i needed to speak my mind about it. Women should never be put down just because of ideals that're being mindlessly fed to us.

Anonymous said...

i think media plays a big part. i mean those are celebrities leh how to compare us to them? they have personal trainers, botox and god knows wat to help them. do we? we have no money to maintain ourselves like them , y are being made to feel that we must look as slim and pretty are actresses? tats just so ridiculous if u ask me. i think we shud start comparing our bfs or anyone who compare us to stars, to donald trump. Do they have so much money?

joline said...


EXACTLY. Rubbish man... whoever said we have to look like them. And not everyone has perfect genes. and anyway, who's to say what is considered perfect in the first place.

Anonymous said...

yalor guys are so shallow de. i think we shud ask them to look in their mirrors! hmph

joline said...


heh heh.