Thursday, May 10, 2007

1 project + 3 kids + 3 parents + 1 teacher = "begging" + 2 interviews + 2 visits + 1 report writing + 10 brain veins popping + 4 eye bags + someone kena became "slave" (sorry!) + 1 expanded tummy

Yeah, that's a pretty accurate summary of the last week or so, that climaxed and ended at 11:56pm on the 9th of May, wednesday, 2007. (deadline for submission: 9th May 2007, 11:59pm)

But it's over now (in a good way) and i have nothing but grateful thanks to the people i could not have made it through without: God, J, J's mom, the participants and Gem. There's no way that i could've survived it without all of them, and those of you who've prayed and were praying for me.

I've got some worries getting in the way of me feeling totally at ease even after i've submitted my work, like whether my lack of citations in Part B (too rushed to remember to add!) will get me into trouble. Sigh. But it's done and only God has the final say.

And Gem has really demonstrated to me something about love: 24 hours working with me in any way he could (especially with the transcripting!), going home at 12 midnight for two days in a row, which is all the way in the East. With a willing heart and attitude of determination, with his ever supportive encouragement, always uplifting, always smiling, never complaining, without a single peep or expression of displeasure or impatience. I even got dinner and shoulder massages thrown in too! He is my godsent. Thank You.

Now to study for my examination next friday! ROAR!

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