Tuesday, November 22, 2005

in the last few weeks...

A Morris? Wot's a Morris?

It's a CAR!
One cheery weekend day, my folks and i went to Clementi and before i got to witness exactly how it was driven, this little vehicle from some era chugged itself into a parking lot and out hopped an elderly couple. I was astounded because: HELLO?! No DOORS? Not scared anyone will steal stuff (if there's anything worth stealing?) or not scared they hot wire it ah? Hm. Then again, i don't know how this thing works, so, yeah. Maybe got force field to protect it one.
For this reason of its sheer novelty, it was refreshing to see it stand right out from the sea of the now newer but generally all similar looking cars. Merc to Merc, Nissan to Nissan, Toyota, to Toyota to Toyota (to the power of 100), etc.

Couldn't help but take a shot of this one. To me, it looks like a birdlike face with one eye looking down and the other, up.

And this, my friends, is probably one of the best meals that lazy bums like myself have been waiting for forever. Maggi and Myojo has never reached such heights of genius invention. We now have... The Dodo Instant Mee Pok! And believe it or not, it tastes NOTHING like what you might expect instant mee to taste like, because though granted it could do with more ingredients, it serves up a pretty mean meal for something that you only need to microwave for 2 minutes.
It even contains fishballs (which are NOT pathetic little freeze dried lumps that measure 1cm in diameter) and the chilli that is already inside is quite good too. I think there was fishcake and veg too, but i can't be sure, please don't hold me on this because i was too hungry to note anything more then what i've already stated. Altogether, not 100% perfect hawker fare, BUT, close enough, maybe 90%. They've got a few other kinds too, like Laksa, but i was recommended this one by the sales girl. (the difference and possibly the downside to this (?) i guess is, is that you need to store it in a freezer or was it fridge, and not a cupboard)


cheryl said...

ooh i like the car. looks like a miniature toy car. so cute

joline said...


So cute right? If only you could like, point a magic finger at it and shrink it down, so u can bring it home.
Wonder how it's driven.

scezzy said...

Its a bit like what you'd get if you mate a convertible with a golf caddy cart thing.

erh. not literally.

how they keep kids from falling out the car?

cheryl said...

er i guess u just switch the thing on and step on the accelerator or smth then steer with the steering wheel?? haha

Joline said...


hey, was thinking about that golf caddy thingy too. :-D
Hm... show em roadkill, maybe.
"Now look here xxx, see this? *points to mangled creature* You would look like that if you so much as stick your little pinky out..."


Skarly it rides on stored electricity or something, like from a battery.