Tuesday, November 01, 2005

27th of Oct 2005 (thursday)

Rah... stayed away from blogging, not totally on purpose, but because i've not had anything interesting to say and/or because i was too lazy to develop on some lingering thoughts. Ah, i don't discuss philosophy or the meaning of life here very much, for this blog is for drivel and this is drivel to the max. Lee dee dah, so sue me. :DDDDD!!!
*ahem, cough* Anyway, i've got here some photos from the day that we spent together, before the Gem had to go to a nearby foreign land.


And so the day begun with the Gem coming over in the morning to my place to cook up a storm with me. Ok, not. We are not exactly kitchen virgins, but neither are we Martin Yans so well, before actually deciding on what we'd be making, we just coughed out a rough list of foodstuff that we wanted to get from the supermarket. And so we made our little journey down by foot to the newly renovated Cold Storage at some destination that sounds a bit like a fusion of "Lolita" and "Jelly".

Halfway through grocery shopping, we decided to make pasta. To snip the long story short, here's the final product, the result of our combined powers of culinary prowess. *Ahem* Introducing pasta with scrambled eggs. All right, i admit you cannot go too far wrong with pasta. It's a simple concept, it's a low stress level dish PLUS, i have got to say that my Gem is easy to work with in the kitchen. Boy, am i one lucky girl. And i finally got to see how he cooks his "JFE" *wink*. Extra pasta's in the Pyrex:

(fast forward)

We skipped down to Lau Pa Sat after my keyboard lessons for dinner and gosh. I'd much rather eat the cancer causing barbequed food than the sorry Korean set meal that i bought from a frazzled and agonized looking aunty. And i couldn't help but down two helpings of the high-in-demand teh tarik. It's good stuff, can? Don't you look at me like that. How often do i get to drink the stuff anyway?! Well, ok, that's not me in the picture, obviously. ;-) I was snapping away, capturing his various facial expressions while he spoke, and was pleasantly surprised that he wasn't shy around the camera. Goooooood. That bodes well for me. *hiak hiak*

Having had our fill, (oh yes indeed. Satay and teh tarik on top of the "main dish" makes a happy belly) we took a stroll down to the "park" that is the home of our white stoned lion-fish, famously known as the Merlion. Can't say that it's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen and i reckon it might also be that i've never seen it from a tourist's point of view (then again, do tourists think it's an intriguing mythical animal? Or an ugly lump of stone.), plus, i suppose i've been surrounded by too many ugly versions of it since i was a kid (think: those deformed looking merlions as keychains), so, shocked and in awe, i was/am not.

It was drizzling already but that didn't stop us from satisfying our trigger happy photolust. So off we went to do our own thing, which is something i love about us - Sharing the same interest but also being able to give each other space to wander around enough to accomplish our own agenda when we want to. This is a shot of the blue waves that Merlion sits on:

I took a few more photos, but Blogger was like doing a marvellously prompt job about uploading my photos that i had so much fun waiting and getting "page cannot be displayed" that i thought i'd give it a rest. So, this last one's of the bridge, connecting the "park" to the Esplanade.:

Our day didn't quite end there since we wanted to spend as much time together before he leaves for the foreign land, but we took too many gory, mind-messing photos that it would be cruel of me to subject you to such mental trauma. Hence the lack of end-of-the-day photos. Ok, so i DO have one decent one... but since it has my face in it, that alone counters all molecules, atoms and electrons of decency and therefore, it shall be kept in the recesses of Adele's (my lappie) memory for private viewing only.


chelsea5manutd0 said...

hey joline...sounds like u had great fun , food and romance. really envy u there...but then, u deserve it after those horrible exams. reminds me of me and my fren's attempts to cook pasta carbonara...we managed to go wrong u noe! Not enuff egg yolk and milk...so the pasta turned out v dry. And not enuff salt so we had to load it wif cheese. anyway, i've changed my blog address, it's now chelsea5manu0.blogspot.com, so u might wanna change the link on ur blog. and can i link urs too?

Eliss said...

i tink ur food looks quite nice leh, not a bad combi, better than my 'cooking'....wahhhhaaahhaaa

joline said...


Ah... but you see... you and your friend were brave, making the sauce (carbonara, oooohhh, i LOVE THAT!) from scratch. Plus, it's cool how maybe you can enjoy something more interesting as a result of a temporary botched attempt. (hey, more cheese sounds yummy too!) But we, on the other hand, did it the fast and "painless" way. *grin* Using Campbell's soup for a sauce. Heehee.

Oh yes, we did have loads of fun, in approximate 12 hours we spent. Thanks Eugene! And shore!!! LEEENKK MEEEE! :-DDD

joline said...


Aw, reeleeeee....... Thank you. But what have you cooked before? Don't be modest lah, i'm SURE you can whip up something good too. ;-)

cheryl said...

I can cook pasta! But I cheat also la, like you. Hehehe. Use Campbell soup, throw in, stir and tadaa! Haha sounds like you had a great day :)

Eliss said...

eh my sth gd is probably instant mee.haaahhha, but it has veggy and egg hor. and i can cook canned food. like u open it then put inside microwave.haaaahhhahahah

Anonymous said...

talking abt food...my sis bought a packet of rosti, u know that shreds of potato u eat in marche? thats the tingy in question, my dad wants to eat but she dun allow. so that thing was forgotten until i took it up and blah! the thing expired liao, wah none of us get to eat it!


joline said...


*nods* Yeap, yeap. Hahaha, yeah lor, cheating is faster. Maybe the next time round, we could use the nice bottled pasta sauce instead of the Campbells.

joline said...


haha, well, if anything, it takes good judgement to know how long you must cook it so that the noodles don't become soggy! Especially after adding egg and stuff.
Ah, my mom is now about in the process of trying to educate me in the ways of the kitchen. *teehee*

joline said...


WAHAHAHAHAHA, that's funny. Happened to me dad before: mom buys kit kat, says it's for the dad to eat. Dad forgets, no one eats and then the wafer gets "lao hong".
Moral of the story: Try not to hoard food.

lakeside girl said...

AWWW.. Lucky babe indeed!

Where is the Gem / Emerald / Diamond / Precious / whatever going??

*pat pat*

joline said...

green apple:

Heh, just over the causeway for a little family visiting, not too far off from here. :-D Even then, i'm glad he's back safe, sound and in one piece now. :-)