Saturday, November 12, 2005

When the S.O. told me that the place had "only little kids", i broke out in cold sweat because to-me-little-children-are-garguantan-chewbaka-monsters-that-i-flee-from-and-prod-at-only-using-50feet-poles. But teaching them turned out to be not as bad as i had feared. I've taught kids before but not many, because i think that i am too stringent with them and the older archers are better with them. Still, it was much of a cheery day to see them beam when they manage to pop a balloon. The little ange...

*ahem* Very cute.

I still stand by my preference for teaching adults, but ok, i fear children less now. I beg you, oh powerful chewbaka like things, pray not to tilt the balance and break the sanctity of peace as it presently is on a precarious level of achieving equilibrium...

Ours was a tiny little booth, not more than just perhaps 11m by 3m or 4m or so, with two target boards plastered with 2 of the 122cm in diameter target faces. (which, for your information, is used for targets 70 metres away)

Wonder if i can take some photos to share. I should be going back to help on sunday again. Oh, and there's this food fare next door. Ok only if you like to sample food.

Lah dee dah. Oh and S.O. has told me that Art Friend has made their debut at Taka! WOOHOO! And i is also a friend of Art Friend now, because i has signed on as a member. Art Friend, you is my new friend, i lub you.

Oh, imagine all the things i can make for occasions with the whole vast array of materials. Yes, i shall attempt to be more original with my gifts. You lucky end year birthday babies, you.



Eliss said...

kids are cute pple. but u haf to be firm with them, if not they will not listen to wat u have got to say.

cheryl said...

yeah art friend's now at taka. it looks, well probably more organized and cleaner(?) than the bras basah one. i dunno, prob because its in taka.. haha (i've no idea what i'm saying tho..haha)

Joline said...


I'll keep that piece of advice, oh yes i will. Have always marvelled at how some people are able to be relaxed and easy going with kids and when they have to be firm, the kids still respect them.


wahahaha..., probably. You're right. Given it IS Taka which is a *name with a certain level of reputation* It's so new that they haven't put up the price labels of everything yet too.

Whee!!! Are you an arty farty, create your own stuff kind of person?

Eliss said...

tat place is not well stocked leh....i went there to find this..u know u cut out the items then paste them and the whole pic is supposed to looked 3D.u know u know... i dunno wat they call this but i cant find it there at all!

cheryl said...

i think that particular outlet is quite small. definitely not as well-stocked as the one in bras basah. yeap i'm quite an arty farty buy-and-do-it-yourself kinda person! you are too huh? haha we shld go get stuff together..

joline said...


Hmmm................. maybe you might to try asking the people there about the items there as compared to the stock at bras basah


i guess so, since they've just opened. I saw a number of stock on boxes that were still unpacked and untagged with the price. ah well, hope they'll be up and running smoothly soon with what the other branch has too.
yeay! found another handy crafty person. :-DDD

min said...

Hehe. Art Friend. Me fellow Lasallians used to dub them Art Fiend. I thought it was a pretty clever play with words...

chelsea5manutd0 said...

teaching kids needs patience. it's sthing i'm still learning. another word for patience is longsuffering. have u ever wondered why? to help me learn, I ask myself y God is being so patient wif me. problem is, when i teach, i'm a disciplinarian. i can't tolerate nonsence, inadequacy or pamperedness.

joline said...


Art FIEND?! *chuckle* Cute! Didn't know that there was an Art Fiend over at the campus.


Hur, patience sure sounds like the better sounding one of the two. :-) No better way than to learn from the One who has mastered all the 9 fruits of the spirit.