Monday, February 02, 2004


Recently, have been disturbed by some thoughts and dreams(the when-you're-sleeping-kind)d that've occurred in the last few days.

Can't be good.
The subject? The Ex.

I've moved on but why is it happening?

Watched "Shrek" on HBO last night. Refreshing.

My digits are freezing as of this moment.

Think i'll be going for archery with cousin tomorrow. Not even sure of how to get there by bus.
Does anyone know?
The archery place is at SAFRA Bukit Merah.

Heya you!!!
Really... that;s so nice of you. :-)
Nice hearing your wail every now and then. Heh. Still no letter regarding collection of books? That be odd. Have you tried checking the blackboard thingy?
YESH! Did all my wrapping already and i've started on the first chapter of my first psychology book. Very student friendly reading material, really.
I just found out that to get an A, you need 85 and above! HOW INSANE IS THAT?!??!?!?!?!!?!?
A B grade is from 70 to 84.
Crummy, i say. But since i'm speaking from the Monash experience, it does seem hard.
Putting it into the present context, maybe an A is not that unattainable. We shall see, in time to come.

Hey, THANKS a bunch!
Truth be told, i've never considered the possibility of going to a JC to teach, let alone ACJC.
It was because i want to teach in a secondary school where students are at their formative years. And i think i can forge better ties there.
Perhaps i have this predetermined notion that JC students are hard-headed people and that it will be extra daunting to help them in any arena.
But to change seemingly daunting people is the whole bigger challenge which will probably lead to greater teacherly satisfaction and encouragement.
Mayhap i'm just too bloomin' lazy...
Bad, bad.

HULLO Gurl! YEs... Thank you for the inspiring tit bit there. Should learn never to doubt self, yeah? Thus, go for it!
I've a friend "garangly" going for the straight Honours course! Haha, and she was also from my distance education class.
Guess I won't be all alone and we'll be able to share horror stories...Should there be any!

You know what's so nice aabout doing a humanities module? You get to watch VCDs and listen to CDs on issues ranging from Art, Philosophy (i think), Music, History,Religion, Literature among others.
Feels so good to let your brain juices flow to come up with own interpretation of situations and forms.
Get to read fiction books. (genre:Drama)
How often do regular students, in below-tertiary level education+ in science stream, get to read such artsy fartsy stuff for school purposes?
It's fantastically refreshing to do so now.


Been looking at the stack of books waiting to be read.
With guilt, i'll admit my steam has run low...
I need inspiration and focus once again, on direction.

I caught a glimpse of the Mazda 3 in a showroom.
Holy Moley!
It's a dude!
Nuff said.

I think i might be going cross eyed.

Walked along Robertson Quay one night not long ago....
I Love IT.
The dim but glowing-romantically lamps that lined the path way, created such an apt atmosphere for lovers, the depressed, the afficionados of romanctic settings alike.
It's not a place of aesthetic perfection to everyone, but to me, it's one of the most perfect places i've been to.

There was a pub/club/bar (i never know about these things so i can't tell the difference) situated along the quay that just made my heart go aflutter.

It simply radiated this compelling warm and welcoming and exotic pulse.
It was basically just in a corner, in the shadows cast by overhanging plants.
The many candles illumunated the faces of the patrons there.
Everyone seemed so at peace, so contented, soaking in the beautiful setting and enjoying the company of mates.

It was lovely, lovely, lovely...

It's in the area where the DBS SRT place is, methinks.

Till Then.
*hopeless romantic hopes...*

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