Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Day Dreaming


I really shouldn't be. But i am. And i REALLY can't help it.
I've decided to leave me pc on, on blogger. Each time some thought comes in, i'll log it in.
As of now, i'm doing statistics, AGAIN.

This's my third encounter with stats and i've grown to like it somewhat!
I thank the day Stats was ever introduced into the JC maths syllabus.
If it wasn't so, i would be struggling in the pits.

Because of the mode i'm studying by, struggling with stats could well be one of the worst things to happen at this point in uni life.

I've just come across a new form of data representation. It's nothing that i've ever seen before! It's called the Stem and Leaf plot, developed by Tukey (1977).

I can only say: huh?

Another thing that keeps banging on the door of my mind is ARCHERY...
I've called up the Archery Association of Singapore(AAS) and i've decided to enrol for the basic lessons.
Nothing's going to stop me now!!!
*evil cackle*

I think you'll be able to predict what the rest of my blog entry is going to look like.
Archery, archery and more fantasies about Archery.


I am NOT hung up about Him.
For some odd reason he incessantly enters my head. From random thoughts to even dreams!
I don't try to remember but it is simply because lots of things around trigger memories.
It's not just physical cues.

For once i am upset with (whatever) efficient work my brain can perform.

I had an odd dream last night that i was dead.
And people in my dream say that they hear whispering coming from my grave.
In another part of the dream, my family got word that He had gotten into Architecture in NUS but actually He had gotten into Riot Control. (imagine such a degree in NUS! AHAHA.)

WHAT THE?!??!?!?!?
Well, at least it wasn't Pig Farming.

I've not had such intense replays and all else related, till recently.
Why can't i be free of this mental torment.
I've released it to God and i have and still am continuously trying to put the pain behind me.


On a lighter note, someone thoroughly made my day last friday.
It was unexpected. So very.


I hope i don't make a fool out of myself. I really want it to work!


I've gotten my receipt that tells me my tutor has received my TMA (tutor marked assignment).
It's my very first and it's the poetry analysis one.(yes... THAT one)

I'm wondering if I'm getting the points, thus the marks, for the identification of the things i OUGHT to be seeing in that poem.

The funny thing is:
What if what I see in the poem, differs SO much from the so called "right" way.
Then, who is right?

A comment from my ACJC form teacher sets me pondering about the way i think and come up with ideas.
And i don't dispute that one bit!
Which kind of makes me a teeny weeny bit worried about how this's going to affect my interpretation of "ART".
Gah hahahaa.....................

It's so weird just talking about this.


I made myself go for a workout(jog and weights). It feels good to get them muscles, or what's left of them, back to work again.
Most of the time, they'd be sitting around wasting away, gaining a nice warm cloak.
My condo gym is...
It ain't hopeless as long as i'm the only one around. But as soon as other people arrive, the gym BECOMES hopeless.
Out of THREE treadmills, only ONE works. And tell me, pray, HOW many people come to the gym to do the treadmill?

Mumf, mumf.

I'm going to psycho myself for a healthy, weightloss thing.
I have to accept the fact that i can't jog much because of an old injury in the knee.
But doing treadmill decreases quite some knee impact. I like.
Guess it's going to be more swimming.

If everything goes as planned, i'll be off for basic lessons next weekend. WOOOT!
I'll update on that.

Till then.
*thanks for sticking by the mundanish, dreamy-weemy entry*

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