Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Normality. Really.


So, my cousin has left.

Everything has to go back to normal.

Where school work is mandatory (DANG!), i've no excuse to make for not being able to catch up, i've to wake up early to get a move on...

WHAT AM I TALKING about??!?!?

Almost all students out there are going through the same thing, so what the twiddle-dee-dum-dum am i saying.

Mind is:
1. going around, around in circles.
2. finding logic in the strangest places and ideas.
3. coming to strange conclusions.
4. lost? Lost. *nods gravely*

The simple truth is...
I've been having a holiday, one too long.

My school syllabus does not entitle me to a June break.
The course runs throughout the year and ends about in Oct/Nov.

So while kiddies and koodles run a-play, a-playing in June, i will have to be mugger mugging my way through.
It runs for 34 weeks straight. That leaves me 4 months of straight holidaying.

From one year to the next.

What i love about it, is that I get to enjoy my Jan and Feb months which, in my humble opinion are the most memorable and beautiful months.
This is talking in terms of all things meteorological.

Speaking of the weather.

The past few days have been horrifyingly cold and wet.

NOT that i dislike rain in itself or am horrified by cold and dampness in my tooshie(now, how is that spelt?), but rather it doesn't do wonders for my schedule!

Been wanting to go swimming and the like.

I don't fancy flirting with the chances of getting zapped to death in a cold pool.

I don't wish to make a huge waste of the condo's pool by causing people to gossip about a "girl-who-died-in-the-rain-in-this-pool,yes-THIS-POOL".

And then no one dares to enter it, therefore letting Fungi and Friends create multitudes of colonies.

Once i kill the use of the pool, my death will in turn inspire some juvenile movie maker who might be hoping to make a quick buck from a cheap horror flick.

So apart from, "The Ring", "The Eye", "The Wishing Stairs" (is that the name?), we'll now have "The Cold Dead AFloating".

Oh, i can hear the music...

Strange to be talking of such morbid things when actually, the weather today is absolutely marvellous!

Once again, the cold winds that freeze my toes and fingers, the awesome cheery blue sky that boasts of the contrasts between the white clouds and its own expanse.


Like i said, back to work.
I'm late!.

If there's someone who makes me shoot into the clouds (NOT Mr Wood, i'm talking REALITY here), it's got to be someone i've known since secondary school.

Everything that HE IS, everything he has done, commands constant admiration.

With every one glance at him, i know i'll come to a new level of admiration for this individual.

No spoken words now due to reasons that probably lie with him.

It is a sad thing to not know why.

Though he's only but a little effort away, a distant figure he remains and will remain.

Not talking reality.
After all.

Then AGAIN...
Mayhap i was misled by hope.

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