Sunday, February 08, 2004

Slow down!

Heh heh, actually i do enjoy writing posts like the previous one.
Generally, i am sarcastic and morbid all round, but to write it out... I've to feel a certain way first.
*tsk, tsk*

Always look where you are going when walking through door frames. Not just the central part of you but also your other protruding body parts, such as arms, toes and fingers.

Trying to type with,
1. a laptop that's constantly trying to give me unpleasant zaps.
2. a painful elbow. (stupid door frame. or rather, stupid me)

Today, my pal Betty is having her biathlon in Sentosa. Yesh, sunday morning too.
This girl is tremendous.

I've always pictured her as someone who only runs in straight lines (or around a track LAH.) BUT, apparently she's now doing tennis and has joined the biathlon fellas in NTU.

She must be so fit now, accomplishing a shape most girls would love to have.

As someone has coined and is extensively used as an excuse, "I AM in shape... Round is a shape......"

The only biathlon i am involved in, is studying between my psychology and humanities module.
So much for biathlons.

Well, at least my brain will get the work out. Buffed brain (NOT BUFFLE BRAINED) but no buff body.

For a time(until today), i was confused about the theory of the trinity.
God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Actually, Jesus and God was the only thing i was confused about.

The knowledge i had, was this:
Jesus is simply God in human form.
They are actually the same person.
God is referred to as the Heavenly Father while Jesus is his Son.

NOW. This serves as rather confusing.

Jesus is God.
God is Jesus.

But. Jesus is the SON, God is the FATHER.

But personally, i think i can't directly accept that.
Misleads me more.

If i were to think in terms of Father and Son, it only makes me think that:
2. JESUS is only just a man who came to die.
3. One looks at the other with Love when they speak because they sound SHO Separate!

Tell me, who is the one we should worship.
The one true force, or the man who died?
(but of course, we do know they are the same but i am saying that if we see them as separate, it is so puzzling)

In previous days, i have been feeling off as to who i should be praying to.
It is odd that this hits me only now after 19 years.

But as of recently, i have discovered that my insides feel more comforted when i direct prayer to "God" rather than to "Jesus". I think i actually have been praying to "Jesus" unknowingly.
Is that a sign that i'm heading in the right direction?

In church today, the confusion elevated and there and then, i felt SO confused.
I had to get help.

Who am i to worship?
Is it God, or Jesus?

The stark thing that has spoken up in defence as to why i should worship Jesus is because, i realize that many songs(and i think i was a victim of ignorance) we sing today are directed AT and TO JESUS, rather than to GOD the ONE.
It is as if people were worshipping a HUMAN, CALLED Jesus.

I found this actually REALLY disturbing.

Of course i'm not saying we shouldn't worship Jesus.
He was the entity that was in human form so he could die for us all. (the ungrateful lot we are sometimes)
But it is after all, GOD the Father.
He is God the Father who came down.

So essentially, ALL praise should be DIRECTED to God the Father while we also show appreciation for what he has done on Earth by being Jesus.
So we thank Him for dying through Jesus, who was God personified.


Jesus the Human is NOT to be worshipped.
The Jesus=God should be worshipped. Therefore, ULTIMATELY, it is GOD we should be directing all praise to.

Prebelievers sometimes say to me, "I know, in Christianity, you guys worship Jesus(as the God) right?"

At those moments, i feel somewhat indignant inside but yet i didn't know exactly how to reply to correct that idea when i didn't know the answer myself.

So, it is not a relationship with JESUS we must have, but a relationship with GOD, our Heavenly Father.

I feel MUCH BETTER having that out of my system AND consolidating it in my head.

Just a bit of whatever:
A Hindu Philosopher said: You are, but you are not.

Oooohhh.... Kay.....
I nEEDddd to go back to studying.

Own academic biathlon. *phutooi*
Have i been spelling "biathlon" correctly?

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