Sunday, January 11, 2004


Ok, even i agree i get a little annoyed when i spot the same words on my blog when i log on online.

It's getting stale as i've missed a whole week and a bit, of blogging.

I attribute the no-blog thing to me being occupied with something throughout the week, PLUS my PC in my room has finally kaputed for all eternity.

As my dad puts it,"You can now officially play the 'Last Post' for your computer..."

I know this comes really really late and is not needed, but, blah blee blah...

HAPPEE NOO YA to all you wonderful peeps. I Love You.
*swigs a bottle of root beer, holds it aloft and smiles insanely as i look around*

I love Tay Yek Keak's newspaper articles. He sounds very a matter-of-fact as he puts down his cynical thoughts dryly, poking at issues both serious and not so serious.
I can easily picture him talking to me in a deadpan tone but i'd be laughing away non-stop.

In fact, i am attracted to people who can crack me up into hysteria even when they say something in a manner which hardly suggests that they're jesting.
The content may either be serious or funny.
Whichever way, when executed correctly, these people totally rockkkk...

Which's why i always say.
Sometimes it's not what is said, but rather HOW it is said, that makes something really laughable.

This's why some people just don't clique with me as they don't understand or may i say, don't "appreciate" other ways of seeing humour in other forms other than the spoken words.
So, i suppose they simply write me off as a loony, worthy to be dragged off screaming by the white coats to the loony bin.
Perhaps i have not earned the right to be in their sanctified presence.
I've seen it in their eyes...

I wanted to write so much but as i sit here, i can't remember much.

On Macdonalds's paper thingy on the tray, (not exact words):

" There're 60 hrs from friday to monday morning. And i'm enjoying every hour. I'm lovin' it."

"I love going for a dip in the pool with my best friend on a hot day. I'm lovin' it."

"I have sand between my toes and the wind in my hair. I'm lovin' it"

And as i squeeze out my chilli sauce onto the paper, i realize,
"I'm squeezing chilli sauce all over yo faces...(i.o.w, stupid adverts) I'm lovin' it."

Oh look. Time for bed.

Good night ya'll.
I can't wait for Fun-o-rama.

Till then.
*staggers off with root beer*

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