Monday, January 26, 2004

Innocent Cravings

Comparing self to the large masses of "other" females, one and i say! I have differing tastes when it comes to males.

Eg. Lord of the Rings.
Others: "Orlando Bloom! Or Viggo! *i want to bear your children!*
Me: That's it. Elijah Wood rocks my world!

Others: Sean Connery!
Me: Tommy Lee Jones!

Others: Tom Cruise!
Me: Nicholas Cage!

Considering keeping a photo of Mr Wood to bring around with me wherever i go.

But then.
With Jo, there's always a "But then".

Chasing after dreams and fantasies about your favourite star is useless and will forever be so.

He or she lives miles and miles away and doesn't know you exist.
Liking Mr Wood isn't going to help me in anything except waste my emotional strength.

Fabricating the scene when suddenly one day, you find his email address and get into a relationship is utter nonsense.

It's so strange.
I really like Mr Wood.
There's something about him that's so alluring. Why?
He seems to radiate this vibe that says: I'll respect you. I'll treat you right. I go by the rules, and don't drink or do drugs. I'm straight, i'm down to Earth. I'm honest and really really nice. You'll see. I don't play around.
And all things nice.

He possesses this amazing face.
Lily fair, with angular and sharp cuts.
That pair of remarkably large, childlike, blue innocent peepers.
No doubt his mouth is kinda small and his jaw is so square that you could talk math equations with it, it only serves to further bless him with boyish looks.

Very Hobbitlike. I Like.

Actually, come to think of it. HE'S the one who looks very Elfish.
As in, the short kind of elf that Enid Blyton write about. Do i remember that correctly?

Because it is nothing but pure stupidity, wishful-wistful thinking and futility to chase after dreams of Mr Wood, i'm hoping i'll get over it asap.

I'm getting over Keanu!

I'll let all of it just be that. Innocent Cravings.

Yo Woman! Haha, glad you hit the refresh button dudette. Well, you haven't been updating too haven't you? Hope u didn't get sabohed with all that make-up...
Oh man... I would've LOVED to be an Elf extra. Wahahaa.. And act or run alongside Mr Wood? (Or Orlando Bloom as the Elf for other people.) Absholutely Priceless.
I'm planning my next archery day with my JC mates. Woot!

Till Then.
*hops into bed*

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