Monday, December 29, 2003

I need a swim

AH! *itch itch*

Dang those ticks.

Doggy decided that he had just about enough of pestering me and decided to sleep under the table.

*good doggy*

Hi January!
Haha, you overrate me. I am definitely no pastor material. Looks like we just share the same sentiments. By the way, have you ever tried or maybe imagined yourself giving a full fledged sermon? It's quite a "political" thing. (Is political the right word? Argh, words fail me even for the want of a better word.)
But i guess by political, i mean, that whatever is said up there has to be done ever so tactfully, correctly, truthfully and in a "no pride and preaching" tone.
Plus, sometimes the whole body will be exposed to the whole mass of people and often the person on stage has to be really careful with his body language.
About my blog... i'm wondering what kind of blog it is. *hmmm...* :-)
Haha, thank you for your ever ready kind words.
Many of us are divided into 4 groups.

1. Know grandparent(s) very well.
2. Know grandparent(s) somewhat ok.
3. Know grandparent(s) very little, maybe none at all.
4. Never knew grandparent(s).

WAs in group 3 till only recently, i was thrown into a pretty tough situation. It wasn't the ROTTEN-BAD-BAD-BAD or AH-I'M-SO-GOING-TO-DIE kind of tough, but more, building up of one's independence and responsibilty.

It's more the, "Get me arse moving" than "hot soup".

So, with 2 parents and 1 granny, no helper. My sister and i were thrown into a situation. Sure, we've survived without our dear helper before, but now there's granny.

Not that she's not wanted, don't get me wrong.
As we know, grand parents need the extra care and have different and more specific needs than our own.

I've never actually spoken for long periods of time about anything with my granny before. EVER. (iow, i didn't know her much. She was initially a person in my life i called "poh poh". )
Not till recently, things changed as
1. i had to keep her "entertained", and
2. take care of the meals but of course with her help.
3. In addition, i had to constantly keep an eye on her to ensure that she's all right around the house.

I know this may sound like puh-fooey to some as they've been there, done that.
But truth be told...
I'm almost reaching adult age but have never had this kind of exposure or responsibility.

At first, i was kind of paranoid so i did everything i could to help around. (both parents wld be working)
But then, it turns out that elderly people like to feel independent too and not treated as if they were invalids.

However, they also NEED extra care because there're things which they can't do anymore. (eg. carrying a heavy stack of pots and pans)

To cut it all short.

I'm so glad for this experience.

I'm happy to say that i've moved from group 3 to group 2.

I know my granny a bit more.

What i find interesting during meals when we're alone is that there's this COMFORTABLE SILENCE.
Even from the very start when we've not spoken before over meals.

At that exact point in time while eating, made a note to myself.
How do i put this.

I felt:
She is a fragment of my history in which she played a part to create me.
So although i've never emotionally bonded with her, i know and feel that there's a deeper unseen bond between us.
Apart from genetics.
Then again, maybe it DOES stem from genetics.

Maybe kinda like twins who've never met till some fateful day.

Guess i suprised her with something before she left... *wink*


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*itch! itch!*
But it ain't the ticks.

Am all by my lonesome at home due to circumstances, with just my cheeky Jed and his bloodsucking(in both ways) ticks.

This brick dwelling is ALL MINE... MIINE!!!
*throws fist into air*

All my existence, I've known myself to possess one disorganized mind, messy habits, high tolerance for mess and all things(you name it, you've got it) strewn all over the country, sort of person.

*dang... just what is SO itchy around here???*

But only till one day ago, i have realized that i actually like things to be orderly, well kept and clean.

Discovery of self when thrown into a situation.
Just like when you put yourself in a pressure cooker or otherwise, you see yourself behave in a certain way to overcome it or deal with it.

Till Then.
*scratch, scratch.*

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