Saturday, January 17, 2004

Long Story about God and Mee Soto, and God.

Digestive tract has gone gabonkers recently which disallowed me to eat some certain yummies.
Esp. Mee Soto from Serangoon Gardens Food Centre.
There's this stall located there that sells my family's FAVOURITE mee soto.
To us, it's absolutely UNbeatable. Packs a huge punch when you put them chilli.
A little goes a long way, now don't you forget that.

The stall was originally located at Teman Serasi but well, relocation came because... well. You don't SEE Teman Serasi anymore now, do you?

Our saturday ritual was to head on down to our "drug stall" for our weekly dose. But crummafud... It was CLOSED!

Now, i tell you, i was horrified.
REALLY, horrified.

*And the world stood still. The air around every living and non-living fibre quivered as Joline shrieked her way to one of her periodical bursts of insanity*

*withdrawal symptoms follows*

And so, and so. We just settled for the other stall's Mee Soto.

Now the odd thing was that this stall's mee soto tasted curiously similar to our drug! But it was way milder. Putting it bluntly, there was no spice, no kick, no heat, no sweat. But, the taste we liked was still there!

My dad and i aren't exactly suppose to eat our spicy drug because we are both unwell with sicknesses that should, by right bar us from spicy food.

The interesting thing was, after we had finished all our food, our favourite stall's uncle came to open his shop!


Ok, so Joline couldn't take it and went to candidly ask the uncle why he opened late and if it was going to be a weekly thing from then on.

ANd he replied: No, only today i open late.

You know, it was as if God was telling us (my dad and i):

"Yo guys. *shakes head* You know you're sick and you're still going against your bodies' cry. I'd love to give you your weekly drug but I KNOW THAT IF I DID, YOU'D PAY DEARLY. So i decided to give you... well... something like it but without the spicy kick. They taste similar, trust me."

Kinda odd.
How the stall uncle just told me, "no, only today"
As if, something just happened nicely to cause his delay.

Ho Alwyn!
congratulations on your admission! Woot! Fantabulous news i say.
Only the Hittite Civilization? Hm... thought there was another one because my pastor did mention some...
Sigh, ok. I suppose i was just too chicken to even smile at Aunty Ros. There was once i almost left her a note concerning school but backed off in the end.

In the evening, my dad and i was to go to church. The problem was, i was afraid that through service, i'd feel sick and would have to visit the little room multiple times.
Earlier in the day, i DID have to visit the little room every like, 45 minutes.
So that kinda worried me.

But this song just came into my head about how we will worship God with "all our mind, soul and strength".

So, made up mind to go for service.
Prayed a little prayer to God to keep body in check throughout the 2 hour service.

Lo and behold.
Was fine throughout with no hint of discomfort!
Plus, was fine for MORE than 2 hours.
Thank God!

Praise Him even in the little things...

Till Then.
*zonks off*

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