Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Innocent Cravings II

A brilliant work of art.
He is.

Crafted into a physical manifestion of perfection, grace and beauty.

Looking at it, I promise...

He looks like the personification of a REAL mystical creature from Middle Earth.
A visiting being from another world, moulded into a human unknowingly but still retains some of his unworldly aura.
Incomplete transformation perhaps.

Too much Lord of the Rings?
Maybe it gave me the idea from the start.
From there, it blossoms.

His birthday's this wednesday.


I don't intend to airmail him chemical laden roses which will knock him out long enough for me to fly over and carry him off fireman style.

Or i can always go to a fan site, but i never believe in those things.
I refuse to scream along and type out carnal utterances.

It sucks to know that there are thousands of other girls longing to grab him too!
On the other hand, it feels nice to know that you are one of them who can't get much closer without insider help.

But of course, this's not as bad as having girls flirting with a supposed boyfriend.

He is but a distant figure.

Who lives in New York...

He's not straight? *O_O*

Who did he act as? If you mean as Superman, It's not him...!
Yes, both actors have the same disarming eyes and angular faces but they're not the same nor related.
Legolas and Orlando Bloom... Gosh, they're the same yet i can't superimpose them.
As for Archery, i've always wanted to do it and Legolas had no part to play in influencing my decision.
Yes, Frodo he is and yes...He's young.
23 this year.

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