Thursday, May 27, 2010

In recent snaps... (part 2)

Movie night with the folks. Mum had fried some rice at home and we tapao-ed it. We were eating dinner in the car, in the car parking lot. It was delicious and spontaneously fun.
The rice looks a little pale but trust me, it was tasty yum. Diced assorted fishcake, chilli padi, beansprouts, soy sauce and rice.
My attention was caught by these beautiful flowers growing along the outer perimeter of a particular JC. Lovely!
Lovely view from the corridor at sunset... And yeah, the white dot is the moon. :) I love sunsets.
This was taken from my seat at a malay-muslim coffeeshop at Tampines. It's adjacent to the Tampines Round Market. It was a bright, hot, beautiful blue sky-ed day. We were there having brunch after sending my sister off at the airport. I had delicious rendang, chilli veg, and some other stuff i cannot remember but it was lip smackingly good. And i also had that gorgeous teh halia. Milky and sweet but it didn't overpower the tea and ginger taste.
This was the nutella crepe cake at Everything with Fries. Very unique... But something was just missing in it. It was chewy, at room temperature, and just mildly flavoured (bland...?) with the supposed nutella. It didn't taste as exciting as it looked in the glass display.
My mains from Everything with Fries. The fries were nice (freshly cooked and piping hot, tasty), coleslaw was cool and crisp and tasty and the burger was good too. This was the kid's meal because i knew that this was all i could manage. The burger is tiny, as u can see. But i was stuffed after the meal.
Was at Tanjong Pagar food centre with 2 classmates and this was our dessert after dinner. I decided to create my own dessert so i asked for "durian ice". The aunty gave me a funny face and said that she has never made that before, so i said "i'll just have your ice jelly but with durian topping". I could see that when she set to work, she was exercising her brain's creative centre as she made my dessert... It was yummy. :)
Was roaming Novena Square after my practicum one day and stopped by this salad bar for dinner. I ordered this Indian salad wrap, which was good. Healthy ingredients, yet satisfying and tasty to boot.
Jed giving me an ultra cute dipped-nose-eyes-looking-slightly-up expression.
Another cute pose, cuddling on my bed, blanket and pillow.
Shot taken at Kovan, near a friend's house. The expanse of wide, uninterrupted sky and the wide road was really refreshing. I felt like i was standing in some sort of strange combi between urban land and countryside.

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