Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baked eggplant with tomato sauce and cheese.

In not wanting to waste the eggplants sitting in the fridge, i decided to try making that baked eggplant with tomato and cheese dish that i had once at this Italian restaurant, Amici. I remember falling in love with the dish and wanting to try making it on my own. So, here you go... Another one of my cooking adventures again.
Above: Spagetti sauce ready made by mom. I'm defrosting it here. Sorry guys, don't have the recipes for this... Though i know it consists of fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, and herbs.
Above: My eggplants, olive oil.
Above: Leftover cheese, mozzarella and cheddar.
Above: One of my favourite ingredients.
Above: Mixed herbs.
Above: Random bottle of wine. I have NO idea what this is or its significance.
Above: Jed knows what to do whenever i open the fridge. When he sees me open the door, he would automatically lower his head so that the door can pass over his head. But when he saw me grab the camera for a shot, he scrambled to get up and away... Haha, i think he thought that i was going to use flash, which he does not like.
Above: All sliced up, mixed in the olive oil, oil from sundried tomatoes and the whatever-wine.
Above: Some other wine.
Above: Playing around with the depth of field.

Above: Into the oven to bake and soften. They took forever to do so.

Above: Whenever i checked on the eggplants in the oven, i would feel a sharp pain on my neck. It was because the metal from my necklace was heating up and burning my skin. :( HAHA. Had to take it off cos it was THAT painful.
Above: After the eggplants got cooked, i buanged in the sauce. But later realized that the eggplants were still hard, chewy and tasteless. So i let the mixture simmer in the oven for a longer time till it passed the taste test.
Above: The final touch. Cheese and herbs (see above).
The End.
My baked dishes always look the same hor. Cheese on top all the time.


zzen said...

i tink ur creations look good! u shud try new methods of cooking!gosh, as though i m cooking expert.hw abt baking cakes or making ice cream? surely is good.

Hannah said...

joline your blog always makes me hungry!! i keep telling myself i will learn to cook like that one day, but for now it's just maggi mee :p

zzen said...

add green peppers,bread cubes on top and minced meat? woah i say say easy la,Wahahaha. I m very busy these days. sorry if i didnt pop by as often. i still see ur blog daily, just tat some days i nv reply.

joline said...


actually,those are pretty good suggestion for additional ingredients... :)
and yes, i did bake cakes before. do u remember? i baked a chocolate cake and a marble cake too but not sure if i posted photos of the marble cake, but i know the chocolate cake is under "food".

yeah! it's so quiet when you don't comment! :) heehee. you've been a significant participant in this blog for so many year.


wahahaha... does it?

well, if maggi mee's been all you've been cooking, then you must be pretty good at preparing it by now, no? ;) like, do u spice up your maggi mee with interesting ways of cooking it or by adding new ingredients?

zzen said...

yeah i did remb those pics abt that cake u made, i meant muffins and cookies stuff. gosh, time flys(or issit spelled flies?) i dun go onto internet everyday these days. becos after work i need to quickly scramble to studies. exams are coming. i m keen to do a degree. bt i asked sim, they only allowed one application, so weird huh. i tink i shall give hr a miss, hr jobs dun appeal to me tat much now. perhaps business or marketing btw these 2 i will make a choice. after my exams on 23rd june, i will go n apply

joline said...


oh i see. ok, i shall try cookies and cakes or desserts when i have the time. might need to get new equipment though... hm.

i hope you have been having a fruitful time thinking about what you would like to go on to achieving in the near future.