Monday, May 10, 2010

After what a certain leader did, i feel quite shortchanged, doubted and discouraged. I don't know for sure why it was done of course, but it sure makes me feel 2nd class by the sheer action that the deed was done.

Honestly, i can face up to difficult truths and i prefer it that way. Yet, I don't want to make myself improve just so that i have to prove myself to anyone. I only have Father God to be accountable to. But still. If only such choices made by others didn't have to elicit such emotions.


* *snowfleur * * said...

it all depends how you feel about it...since it doesn't bother u or benefit you in anyway, you can forget about it lor...but if you're going to benefit it for yourself professionally and...will tell u more in private...go for it :P

joline said...


nope, doesn't really benefit me... so i'm kinda sitting on it till i can talk it out with another leader at a good time.