Thursday, May 13, 2010

EDIT: Note that released collections on Jipaban is usually smaller than releases on the retailers' blogshop itself.

Dear girls (esp. diehard online shoppers),

You will love me for this. Go to (if you already knew about it... WHY NEH TELL ME?! HAHA.)

It is a treasure trove of online goodies... They've collated a whole bunch of online stores for your perusal. It certainly WIDENED my list of favourite stores now!

At Jipaban, you can create your filter (eg. price range, types of items you want to see, whether the shop is rated or not), create your own "mall" with your shortlisted group of favourite online stores. You will be updated on new items put up by the sellers, you can create a wishlist of items, share your items (that you are eyeing) with your friends to see what they think, make purchases... Woah. I kena stunned liao by this creation of some really clever person(s).

Yours truly,

PS: hang on tight to your purse strings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* *snowfleur * * said...

signed up!

joline said...


ohh!! what is your nick? i'm joleymoley... if i remember correctly. haha.

* *snowfleur * * said...

mine is snowfleur...perhaps u add me? not sure how to navigate well yet

joline said...

i've added you i believe... i searched using "lucille" and got your name. :)

tuapui said...

Jipaban should be called jipabug cause it keep on crashing. I love the site, can NN please fix the crashing problem. Another thing is that my shopping cart keep on getting flushed when I browse from store to store. So many bugs, why why why.

Joline said...


Time to feedback to them...