Thursday, April 23, 2009


Now, for:

1. Driving (about time)
2. Read my textbooks (seriously)
3. Buy lots of kinder bueno (pleasures that i can afford)
4. Go window shopping... (sigh, no money to spend liberally, but seeing pretty things is nice after being cooped up at home for too long)
5. Exercise at NTU alumni club (free!)
6. Clear my room (need the space and fresh air)
7. Get my practicum site pinned (In Progress)
8. Make that cheesecake thingy with that recipe i got from a family friend (she wants to know the outcome and i want to eat the outcome!)
9. Dissertation Prep and Supervisor Hunt

Although ths sem is over, i have next sem to think about. Apparently, my holidays still require me to hunt and pin down my practicum site for next sem, think of a dissertation topic, read my textbooks for practicum. Yeah, school is not far away from my mind.

This hols will be busy!

I am also contemplating whether i should go back to shooting on sundays at the range... Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster and my head go a bit dizzy with excitement.


zz said...

wah! ur semester ends so fast? my semester end in july after exams....then start the mad race again in august.
so how long is ur break?

joline said...

zz:my break is officially 3+ months, but it is going to be cut down because of practicum stuff... The mid year hols are longer than the end year hols.

goodness, u dont seem to have a long enough break!!!! July end and then august start again. So shiong.

zz said...

yesh, my course is a crash course....

Anonymous said...

go complain to BBDC!

how can the next slot be in 2010?!?!?! i'm still shocked!


zz said...

oh dear leh, u know if the swine flu spreads to sg, i will be deployed to be 'tracers' track infected pple went to where. gosh.