Friday, May 08, 2009

as u can tell, i am on a hiatus which was unintentional... i was just busy with driving and getting my practicum paper work settled.

but something very drastic has happened and i am not at liberty to talk about it.

all i know is that i need time to heal from the pain, hurt, anger, hatred, disappointment, and i don't know how i am going to do my practicum without being sullen if i am not talking to anyone.

God is real and the only one i can depend on. The human race is indeed an evil race when it wants to be.


z for zen said...

woah wat happened?? Trust in god's grace, u will emerge stronger...."everything will be alright in the end. If it is nt alright, it is nt the end"

WR @ David said...

*offers prayerful hands and confiding ears*

Anonymous said...


love you dearie.


Peace said...

"He holds your world in the palm of His hands..." He is our only security!

Mimosa said...

Yes, true that only God can undestand completely. However, praying he'll send some good ppl your way to hear you out and support you too.

Joline said...

zen:we are trusting. thanks girl. it is so painful though. i have yet to speak to a professional, but i think i will eventually.

WR:thank you for being at the forefront with me and hearing me out all the time. :)
God's will that you were there.

v:*hug* your prayers mean a lot to me and the comfort that you offer when you listen, talk and empathize. thanks so much girl.

peace:YEAH! Through all the nonsense, God emerges the one and only one that i am not upset with in a any way, but instead i see Him as the only source of truth and the only solid foundation.

mimosa:hey mer... good to hear from you here. :) your prayers for that have definitely been answered cos i'm so grateful for all the folks who've come and offered their listening ears and prayers even though i have not told them everything. am really appreciative of your prayers and those of others. :)