Sunday, April 12, 2009

While waiting for my god brother's water baptism to start, i decided to take parts of my lovely monster yamaha keyboard since i brought the camera with me on stage.

Sigh, i still couldn't get a proper video of him being baptised in the pool though.

Methinks this is a good stock photo to mess around with. :oD

Anyways, i am WAYYYYYYYY PROUD of my god brother. Getting baptised and all. And he's always saying this: "I want to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness." He's thinking of serving in the music ministry soon too. :-D


Check out this "baby". It's as big as my palm!

But WAIT! There's a contender on the right! As you can see, my fingers of my right hand have disappeared beneath the mushroom.

My mom, demonstrating that mushrooms can be quite good substitutes for eyes if you think yours are too small.

Yes. This is the contender i spoke of earlier. It is literally as big as your face.

My mom being my mom, in one of her wackier moments, took two mushrooms and placed them in front of...

I don't know if i should even be telling you to go figure..

I did NOT take a photo of that. Gosh, my mom is more garang than me.

NB: Once again, i think the alignment has gone wonky.


Does anyone have any suggestions for good clothes blogshops? I'm on the prowl...

V: i looked thru 3 collections and somehow... i have concluded that in general, tracyeinny's style is different from mine. pragnaz's webbie seems to be down/dead?


z for zen said...

wah, indeed this mushroom is big.had a hard time chopping it up?

joline said...


oh... we don't intend to! :-)
my mom plans to grill/bake it whole. teeheehee.

Peace said...

Peace said...

any blogshops that you recommend?

Anonymous said...

hahaha, your mom is super cute! haha.

yea, i think tracyeinny's not your style, but we have found a new website! wooo hooooo!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Portobello Mushrooms! Yum! Your mum is as usual - so cute and humourous lah. Oh yes I totally can imagine what she did with the mushrooms. Where on earth did you manage to find so big ones in the first place? - Liting

joline said...


hey thanks! i took a look, a couple of dresses are nice.

i don't think i can recommend blogshops per se cos i hardly buy from them, so what i will type out here is just those that i know and have some sort of good impression/experience...


muah hahahaha... (still a bit dui that it is in pounds. but i found out that the exchance rate not so bad liao! 2.2 something....)
i did notice however, that they do not accept S$, so i am wondering how to pay in pounds?


nonsense right... hahaha.
oh, she found them at the wet market! :-)

SIM said...

Jo..your mom's so cute larh! think u've got her genes in that area. hahah.

Stuff em mushrooms!!

joline said...

SIM:how do you stuff em and what do you stuff em with?

oh really? i'm cuutteee????
*happy bounce*
now as i reflect on it, i think only my oldest friends like you(since jc) have gotten to see the ugly and good sides to me...

how are you? do u have a blog or something???