Tuesday, April 14, 2009

random thoughts while i work 2

I love (almost) all things to do with psychology. The theories, the techniques, the way it deals with thought and behaviour. But, i don't want to be a cold therapist in the cold office.

I want to be able to move around and reach people through counselling and talks, with a heart of love, warmth, free of descrimination and of self seeking and self loving thoughts, but also with the determination to set some things right in this crazy world.

Yeah, it sounds like a romantic idea doesn't it? But i think that when God is to be brought to His people through His people, He WILL. make. THE. way.

So i should be a counselling psychologist?

But a year ago, i missed the application for the masters in applied psych program (that has the counselling psych track) but i couldn't afford to wait for the next intake, so i applied for my counselling course instead. I half regret this, but i also am thankful for where i am today.

Since i am a psych graduate, and a counselling postgrad-to-be, can i then be a counselling psychologist?



Zz said...

the qtn is a why not? dun u think either way, u are doing the same thing? how do u help someone if u dun counsel him?more than not, the line is blurred. i think patients walk in to a pyschologist for advice. tats 'couselling' in a way? isnt it?of cos i dun mean these 2 jobs are the exact same. but there are grey areas ma. when u get down to the job, it is hard to differentiate.like if i work in a HR dept, i may be in charge of corporate memebership for benefits. but i still got to answer pple qtns on pay ma.but then agn, i shall nt say so much, cos i dun study pysch in depth. HAHAHA

joline said...

Zz:haha, well good news for you, you are right, the two jobs ARE similar. perhaps counsellors differ more from clinical psychologists, but are more similar to counselling psychologists.

the differences are that psychologists have the additional option to do psych testing, assessment, analysis. it is more... how should i say, it can be a bit more "technical"?

so... i think as a counselling psychologist, you get the opportunity to do what a psych does AND what a counsellors does. whereas for counsellor, we can't step into the psych's zone.

z said...

of cos la. a pyschologist is more doctor sounding than a counsellor.sad to say.but does it matter? as long as u are helping pple with all their troubles, it doesnt matter wat they are called.

joline said...

z:yes it matters, because of the job scope, as i have mentioned.

1st line defender said...

tats like a dentist and a dental therapist. dentist can prescribe antibiotics but i cant.they can diagnose far more problems than i can.but the impt thing is as a counsellor, u are the front line defence.if necessary u detect problematic pts and refer if need arises.primary care is impt u know.....i still feel at times, primary care is far more impt then secondary care.true docs or dentists or pyschologists can solve the problem, but we must first RECOGNISE and DIAGNOSE correctly.Tats wat is so imnpt abt our work!

z said...

job scope ar. i guess it does matter to u, but nt to me. cos at the end of the day, if my pts go home and brush their teeth, i dun care issit i influence them or their teachers tell them, or tat the dentists they see outside tell them. cos my job is done when they learn sth abt dental health , no matter who they learn it from.the ends justify the means. but i do get u, cos a counsellor cant use diagnostic tools like a pyschologist do.

joline said...

z:I certainly agree that primary care, being able to recognize at the frontline is very important. Like how school counsellors and teachers are able to assess a student's situation first before the doctors do because of where they are placed, directly in schools.

the trick here is that, imagine if i was not educated with modules that psychs take, then i would certainly not know that a student or client may have a more serious problem... fortunately, my course structure does include a module on psychopathology. so having done some psych certainly helps, and relying purely on counselling techniques in a pure counselling course is not enough.
(i think one reason why i have a bit of psych in my course is because my course is new, while NIE has always had a psych prog, so they take some useful stuff from psych and put into our course)

so, at least while i cannot officially diagnose, i can make an educated assumption based on what i have learnt. but imagine if i could do both, yeah, that would save the client the trouble as well.

2 of both worlds? said...

u could always subscribe to professional journals(when u start working and earn a fair bit) or go to online professional sites. i mean as a dt, i can tell u wat i know is peanuts compared to dentists and specialists. but i m educated enuff to refer to specialists...if i dunno, i will call my supervisor or my frends. tats wat u will do too. u can do two but u must study more years to be a pyschologist,tats a idea! wow, u can be both, tat may be a first here!oh well, there is a limit to our profession lor....i guess refer is good enuff at times.u can save pple the trouble, but there is unlimited problems and limited resources. cant be a know all leh

joline said...

z:yes, we certainly do referrals and also consult supervisors. Have to! Otherwise we newbies would be quite dead. and so will out clients.

no lah, it is not a first here... there are counselling psychologists who exist in Sg! while i cannot save all, i can save some, which is good enough.

u seem to be online now too said...

do wat u can with wat u have

joline said...

z:yes, i intend to do that. and look beyond, if circumstances ever permit.

am thinking of starting a private blog, since work is just around the corner now. and my practicum begins next semester. hm...

and yes, i am online but not chatting. doing research for my essay on treating self esteem! (but cannot help but read yr comments. :-D)

z said...

i am also doing LAbor econs mcqs online. hahahah yesh u shud keep a professional journal,write abt difficult stuff bothering u. other pple , esp classmates can comment. tat will be good.like i have a forum where my colleagues and i logged in to discuss rants, and raves and mosty imptly, solutions abt work problems. it helps to see wat follow workers say abt issues

Anonymous said...

please lah, get some real world experience first.

you lead such a sheltered life.

i've never met a naive counsellor.

joline said...

z:yep, agreed. :-)

anon:you sound like you might be affected by this post. maybe you want to share more?

about what you said, i might lead a relatively more sheltered life and i am blessed and grateful for it in some ways although it has also not allowed me to experience what it is like "outside". and certainly, i intend to get real world experience, which is the whole point of educating myself further to be prepared for practicum and work and to learn from more experienced professionals. all in due time, and naive i will be until i get there.

people have rosy ideals, untested dreams, and in time to come, they might be modified or shattered. who knows? it all depends. to me, i'm clear about my purpose in God, regardless of my so called dreams, and that is what matters most.

Anonymous said...

Jo: you are so nice to this Anonymous! haha.

Anonymous: Well, I guess a few of us are really blessed to have everything provided for, and it's something that we don't take for granted. So don't judge just yet. Well, everyone will always be at a point where (s)he just started her/his career, so to say Jo is a naive counsellor, i think that's too quick to conclude. Unless you are God, I bet you, yourself (anonymous) ain't that good at your craft either eh?

eh anyways, why you remain as anonymous? scared ah? haha.

with lots of love in the air,

i m not anon-z said...

erm, tat anoy is nt me hor. i dun tink jo is naive. and living a sheltered life is nt wat jo can choose. i mean u cant expect jo to get in trouble just to get some real life experiences?