Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To put a cup filled with soybean milk to my lips and taking a deep, satisfying gulp, is a pure blessing of providence.

I count it nothing less than a privilege.

When we are surrounded by abundance, it seems like it's normal to be having the things that we have. Even assuming that it is our human right to have the things we want. Sometimes, we even demand more.

But how many people in other parts of the world, in slums, in poor districts, can afford to demand that? Their basic human right of dignity is sometimes even forfeited and denied. Let alone having basic necessities like food, clothes, clean water... Or soybean milk for that matter.

I'm blessed, and my heart aches with gratitude.


MK said...


joline said...

MK:yeah, perhaps the really poor parts... but Maliana had Spring Valley imported form Aussieland! ;-D

Anonymous said...


care to give a review on your netbook? I am tinking of buying one myself.

joline said...

anon:the lenovo s10 is, so far so good. brandwise wrt to quality, i can't say much because i've only had it for a few weeks, but at least it hasn't given me problems.

just some things i've noted in the times that i've used it:

using it to do powerpoints can be slightly challenging, because since the screen is small and there are many applications on the screen, things kind of get tinier. so u'll have to adjust to that.

the processor is fast enough for basic use, but if u do too many things at the same time, expect it to lag, and maybe hang if one of the tasks require too much processing power.

in general, don't sack the bigger lappie/desktop for a netbook as your main computer. if you're used to speed and efficiency, a netbook won't suffice.

however, i have found it to be a great asset for the purpose that it was bought for, which is to be brought out for work meetings and to do work on.

your fingers will need to get used to the tiny keyboard. some keys are smaller, and you'll have to aim to hit it, or u'll end up tapping on two keys at the same time. i found myself doing a lot of correcting of my typing in the beginning. also, u may want to be aware of the placement of keys. For eg., my acer's left side control nd function key are in different positions than the ones on the lenovo. so i had to remember.

generally, a netbook is good if all u need it for are for basic stuff and if u need to bring a lappie ard often.

which one are u thinking of buying?

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z said...

yesh, we are blessed yet sometimes take things for granted.

Joline said...

v::) the soybean tasted so good when the heart was contented.

z:yep... must be thankful for all the blessings big and small in life.

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