Tuesday, March 17, 2009

schoolverk update 2 (updated, bold=new development)

Intro to Family:
Genogram x 1
Case Study x 1 (DONE)
Role Play x 1
MCQ Test x 1 (DONE)

Group Counselling:
Individual Paper x 1 (IN PROGRESS)
Co-facilitator's Paper x 1
Transcribing x 1 (IN PROGRESS)
Group Counselling with Violent Youths Presentation x 1 (DONE)

Advanced Counselling:
Big Fat Essay x 1

Psychopathology and Appraisal:
Case Study Presentation x 1 (IN PROGRESS)
3000 word essay x 1
Topic Presentation x 1 (DONE, but need to edit ppt slides for final submission!)

MCQ Test x 1

Chiong ah!

To my friends who have been patient with me: thanks so much for your understanding and i need er, more understanding, as you can see... Hoho.

I slept so badly last night because my mind was so anxious and kept waking me up to think about whether i should go back to my work. I was tempted once but i figured no point sleeping so little and feeling deflated throughout the day. Ironically, i am already feeling sleepy because of my failed attempt to sleep and waking up multiple times.


In other news, my dad blessed me with a netbook! In times like these as an older but a non-working-still-studying child, i'm appreciating things a lot more, taking less things for granted, feeling more thankful for what i've been given. (although i feel guilt!)

My current 15" lappie gives me arm and shoulder aches (my biceps actually get a good workout and they ache the next day even) every time i bring it out to do work and it's been a source of inconvenience although it is definitely more powerful. Since i inherited it from my dad, he understands the problem and i guess that was what made him more empathetic towards my needs.

I was really surprised at how readily he gave me the freedom to decide if i wanted the netbook. Usually, i would be the one trying to convince him and he would be the one telling me to think about whether i really needed it. This time it was the other way around. The option was there to get it and it was my decision as to whether i wanted to go ahead.

So now i have a lovely white Lenovo S10, called Lenny. All the lappies i've had have names... :-)
Adele (Dell): my first proper lappie of my own
AyeSirMajorGeneral (Acer): my current lappie
Lenny (Lenovo): my portable mini-me (Gem helped me name it. i said 'how about mini-me'? and he said, 'how about lenny'? I thought Lenny sounded nicer, so Lenny it is!)

I had decided to get it in black at first because the cumulative dirt will be less visible. But when i took a second look at the white, i halted the salesguy at the IT show and said i wanted white instead because if i didn't change it, i knew i would regret it! Although now i have to face the consequences of seeing a greying/browning lappie over time. Eeee. Usually i am a sorta practical person, but i figured since AyeSir was black and i use it more often anyways, it won't hurt to get a white one that i would use more only when i go out.

Adele is still alive though she once threatened to crash some time ago... That was when my dad rushed to get me an external hard drive to save everything. She's kinda slow in processing things now and her screen is riddled with these burnout lines (i think). I think i'll go clean her up (file & program-wise) one of these days when i'm done with assignments.


zen said...

hey i started my studies part time as well. wah, so zonked out everyday, i look forward to weekends, so tat i can sleep fully. now every mon, wed, fri i have classes till 10pm. so tiring jugglig full time work and part time studies. i m going to work part time come june. cant stand the crazy hrs le

joline said...


WOW! This is a big step for you! what are u studying? yeah, liting is also studying and working part time. it's not an easy task as your energy is sapped. but it is not impossible! unisim has tons of people with families even who make it through. :-)

z said...

i m studying a part time diploma in business and HR.i know there are tons of pple who sacrifice alot to study part time. but i really find it very tiring. it is really VERY tiring leh.i cant imagine if i took up a degree, wat will i be looking at? i guess is half the energy wiped out.needs at least 2 cups of coffee per day to wake myself up.
she doing a degree in OT?

Peace said...

post a photo of Lenny?

Vicki said...

Hey if you don't want Lenny to turn brown or something you can try this laptop skin


I got that for my and sharing with my mum's Windy (MSI Wind U100 with the N270 older processor).

Ambrose said...

grats z! i'm happy for u :)
jo. hihi! stay hyped! :)

IzzyBellyHoo said...

hey jo! how come not a mac?!?!?! after such a long long time...i'm still thinking of a mac sighhh...and this one i'm using is not giving way so soon i think....sighhhh

joline said...


yes, it IS very tiring... i hear you and respect that you are doing this nevertheless! well done.... jia you girl!


yeah, perhaps i should! i have photos of lenny. ;-)


hahaha, lenny to "turn brown"... ok, i went to take a look already. how does it feel after you've applied it? is the adhesive part sticky? like if lets say it wears off one day, would it damage the surface of the netbook? (i only scanned through the images to get an idea and didn't rememebr reading if the person said it was sticky)

brose bro:

eh, hello!!!!!!!!
yes, i'm staying hyped! problem is i suffer headaches for that and sleep debt. ha, ok, that was only cos i had two assignments due on the same day.
am swimming, swimming...


hahahha oh dear, i hear you... if it makes you feel any better, mac has not come up with a etbook yet. so maybe while waiting for your lappie to die, mac will have come up with some spanking nice one, or maybe newer and better laptops. yor patience will pay off!

yeah, i do look longingly at the Macs... but i am not sure i am ready to change the way i do things for now and also they dont have a netbook mac. (though i think if they do pop one out soon, i will be hopping ard with envy)