Thursday, March 26, 2009

First things first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS L!
Miss L is my long time jc mate and boy, have we been through a fair bit... But we always know that our friendship is worth... uh, there's no worth to match it with, it is priceless, it has crossed to the infinitely qualitive, and that's what makes us carry on as good friends after all these years though we don't meet up often at all. My friend for life! :oD


Introduction to Family:
Genogram x 1 (Due: 30th April, NOT DONE)

Role Play x 1 (Due: 30th April) (IMPROMPTU?!)
Case Study x 1 (DONE)
MCQ Test x 1 (DONE)

Group Counselling:
Individual Paper x 1 (IN PROGRESS)
Co-facilitator's Paper x 1 (STATUS: WHAT?!)
Transcripting x 1 (IN PROGRESS)
Group Counselling with Violent Youths Presentation x 1 (DONE)

Advanced Counselling:
Big Fat Essay x 1 (Panicking)

Psychopathology and Appraisal:
Case Study Presentation x 1 (IN PROGRESS, Due: 6th April)
3000 word essay x 1
Topic Presentation x 1 (DONE, but need to edit ppt slides for final submission!)

MCQ Test x 1


In other news. I passed my driving final theory test! FINALLY. FINNNAAALLLYYYY!!!!!

It took me 7 (what a nice God inspired number... God made everything in "7 days") long beautiful years for me to feel ready in mind and soul and spirit and body and emo and... you get the idea, to take up the driving challenge. I think i mentioned this before. When i finished my A levels, i went ahead just like most other JC students to go get their licenses. Once i passed my basic theory though, i just lost it because i wasn't keen on studying some more for final theory (tired of studying after A levels) and more so, i was just freaking out at the thought of driving.

SO YES. Now that i am READY, i can go for lessons any time now! I AM ELATED! (But i don't feel the elation until someone reminds me about it. I think it's because i'm too busy with school right now)

Imagine... I can soon be using the car to move around and get myself home in double quick time.

All righty. Time to go. Big thanks to everyone who has been cheering me on here and in your own ways. :-) I'm really encouraged and touched. :-)


Anonymous said...

woo hoo! joline behind the mazda 6! haha.


joline said...


every time i see your "v", it reminds me of that mysterious masked fella from V for Vendetta. Darn good show, that one.

YESSSSSSSSS. ME BEHIND A MAZDA 6. OH MY WORD. It gives me the shivers.

joline said...


but then hor v, the silver green colour of our mazda is quite safe... you know, typical family car, a bit sissy... (OOPS, did i just say that). I wish it was red in colour! Seriously. Ok, of it could be a nice rich blue.

IzzyBellyHoo said...

JOLINE! FINALLY!!!! YAY!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! LOL we talked about it so many times before remember?? About you driving? I am so excited for you! Erm want manual? or still auto? Manual can go ask Den for our instructor's contact...he's really a nice guy...really...oops I think you said you would do school right? Anyway up to you lahhh Just happy for you! (:

z for zen said...

i still dont have a license yet.hahaha, congrats!(ur driving test passed and ur sch work almost done!jia you, u can finish it de.get good grades!serve the nation!

joline said...


yup, doing it via school la cos i am too lazy to ask for a private instructor. :-S But when i think about the amount of money i could be saving, i feel guilty instantly. :-(

yes! thanks for sharing my joy. teehee! yeah, doing auto transmission first...

joline said...


hahaha, thanks girl. in time to time. i have not passed my driving test yet. only my final theory test.

Anonymous said...

(i am zonking out at work)

haha. v for vanessa! heh. silver is a safe colour for a car! if i can, i want a black bmw. sorry, ihave a penchant for beemers. haha.