Tuesday, March 31, 2009

this posting of my work progress really helps me keep accountable to myself...

Introduction to Family: (COMPLETED. HALLELUJAH!)
Genogram x 1 (DONE)
Role Play x 1 (DONE)
Case Study x 1 (DONE)
MCQ Test x 1 (DONE)
Overall Grade: A- (PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Group Counselling:
Individual Paper x 1 (IN PROGRESS)
Co-facilitator's Paper x 1 (STATUS: WHAT?!)
Transcripting x 1 (IN PROGRESS)
Group Counselling with Violent Youths Presentation x 1 (DONE)

Advanced Counselling:
Big Fat Essay x 1 (Panicking)

Psychopathology and Appraisal:
Case Study Presentation x 1 (IN PROGRESS)
3000 word essay x 1 (THINKING: How to do...)
Topic Presentation x 1 (DONE, waiting for group mate to do his edits)
MCQ Test x 1



zz said...

wat a great progress u made.congrats!i m on the other hand, decided to finally nt renew contract as a dt anymore.so happy to leave the unhappiness behind. it is time to move on. although i have verbablly agreed to renew as part timer,i still feel i have all the right in the world, to change my mind, before i sign the contract.

joline said...

WOW... you have been waiting for this day to come man.

Anonymous said...

looks like so far so good. hang in there! another few more. it's gonna be overrrr!


joline said...


yes, just a few more! With the big stressful ones as the last few. Bleargh. Hahahaa.

Peace said...


joline said...


:-) thanks dear.