Monday, March 02, 2009

OCBC Cycle Singapore with La! 22 Feb 2009 Sunday

At about late 6ish in the morning. La kindly offered to take a picture of me and my east coast species type of mountain bike. 'New G-sports' or something like that. Go figure. ;o)

La with her own bike. La is super pro one ok.

This was taken before we began, somewhere at the back end of the starting line queue.

Still waiting for our race to begin. Drastic change in lighting hor. La giving me a cute smile


I REALLY love this picture! What happened was we u-turned into East Coast Park and started alongside the sea. I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful view of the sea and how the morning sun was shining down on the water, making it glint and sparking...
So... this is one for the memories!

Nice accidental photo taken by La. :o)

I really have La to thank for snapping pictures of me for me to remember the event by... I can't handle a bike and a camera as well as her to take decent photos!

Ok, i tried to take one. This was the only full body shot i managed to take. La was so cute... When we rode next to one another so that she could pass me her phone she said: "Jo... If you cannot (manage) right, just drop the phone ok and save your life..."
HAHAHAHHAHAHA... So funny but i was like, awww...

Another cute picture of us at the last aid station where we could get free 100 plus. I tell you, chilled 100 plus tasted heavenly after 2 plus hours of hard cycling. But the sun was SO HOT that the drinks warmed up so quickly.

Ah... the finishing stretch... Which was devoid of people to support others coming in from the race. Haiyo. In running events, there're always people standing by the finishing line cheering their friends and strangers on.

It was quite an experience, and a new one at that. I really prayed for God's protection since cycling isn't my forte and there were like at least 3000-4000 people cycling on that day.
It was certainly more fun cycling with a friend than cycling all alone... I knew La could go faster than me but she stayed beside me all the way from start to end and i was really quite thankful for her patience and willingness to accomodate me. It's a lot easier to zoom right off when one is very much able to but she chose to stay... :o) Thanks La. *beam*
(i have this inkling that the alignment of photos and text are all wonky. ah well.)


zzen said...

wanna try scuba- diving or snorkeling or bungee jumping? i m not keen but i got a frend very into such stuff. she took a video of herself screaming like mad on her 1st jump.wah was sooooo OMG de. i think i die earlier if i try

Mimosa said...

Guess what. I still can't cycle and am always extra baggage for tandem bikes.

joline said...


haha, i haven't been able to summon the courage to scuba dive... and no opportunity to bungee jump.

HAHA. so what is the worse thing you would do?


what if we put you on a child bike just to balance... big adult bikes are scary.

germie said...

wow babe. so proud of u! u're getting really active!! will cycle when u when i get back...hmm...maybe if u get the chance to come down! =p

joline said...


thanks germ... SO NICE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wld LOVE to come down but u're already coming back end of the year. HAHA.

Hope everything's going ok so far... hope u weren't too badly affected by the mad weather over there...

zz said...

the worst thing i have ever done is probably giving injection on human the first time back in training. i tell u man, my hand was shaking so badly.

joline said...


i can understand that you felt so fearful... it went well, yes?