Thursday, March 06, 2008

of fitting rooms, jed and hair

I don't understand how and why some of the bigger sports shops in Queensway do not have fitting rooms. I asked one of the shop owners why this was so, and he said that one of the reasons is because it gets really crowded during the weekend and customers would/might throw stuff around after trying them on. (how would he know since he has never had a fitting room in his shop?!) Also, they want customers to buy the merchanise.

I'm thinking: SHEESH. That is such a lazy way to go about things and it coerces customers into buying the clothes without being able to make an informed choice about a piece of clothing.

But then, he also said that when it gets crowded, it makes stealing easier for shoplifters. This is highly possible, seeing as how the space within shops in queensway can get really squeezy when the shoppers arrive. He didn't say how, but i assume he means that people can slip stuff into their bags easily. (how is that related to not having a fitting room again? Queensway = small =too crowded = bad security = theft? It's not as if other shops around Singapore don't have this problem... and they still can afford to have fitting rooms. Someone please enlighten me.)

Honestly, as a picky and careful shopper that also likes to have everything in the shop, i want to make sure that i buy only the things that i really want. And that can happen only when i get to try the clothes first before making a purchase. Bleah.

Anyhow, the guy (whom i suspect is the boss) at first said that i had to buy the pair of pants first before i could come back and change it if the size did not fit. (do these people not realize that it's NOT just all about size? there's also the case of fitting!!!) But just as i was going to pay for it, he said to me: "You want to try first?" I gave him a pitiful expression and a silent nod. So he took my IC for insurance and let me off to the loo. Well. I liked it, thankfully, and bought it after all. He later informed me that the other guys in the shop wouldn't have allowed anyone to try the stuff if he wasn't around. Ah well.

I have concluded that i will silently take stock of roughly what queensway has in their stores. Then i'll just head to the upmarket places to see what they have and try on the stuff and record the sizes i fit. If there are matches, then i'll head to queensway, because obviously the discounts are better. What's a customer to do, so as not to be duped?


I was walking Jed yesterday around my estate when a girl from ACS (International) came by. She slowed down to a stop beside me, looked down at Jed and i could feel her drawn very strongly to him and i could almost see her heart smiling. She bent over to let Jed sniff her hand for a moment or two. I can't remember if she tried to touch him or not. But she soon got up again and smiled at me.

With a grin, i said to her: He's cute, isn't he?
Girl: *smiles back* Yeah...
And she walks away, glancing back at him from time to time.

This seemingly insignificant moment sets me musing for a couple of reasons. I remember that not long ago, someone wrote to the papers that it was rude for strangers to pet someone else's pet without asking first. I agree somewhat. First things first, the stranger doesn't know if the dog will bite or if they are scaring it. Secondly, they shouldn't assume that all owners aren't paranoid about strangers touching their dogs. Thirdly, well, it's just plain courtesy. I'm sure you don't go around anyhowly touching people's babies on the streets.

But anyway for me, i don't have much against doggy touch-ers. I get annoyed only with people who don't have a clue about the nature of dogs and their behaviour and therefore attempt to do stupid things to the dog. Any of which might get the dog defensive/fearful/aggressive, etc. I really appreciated how that girl allowed Jed to sniff her hand first. It was non-threatening and kind to him. Ok, and i also appreciated the she bothered to look at the owner of Jed after she tried to make friends with him. haha.

Everything about her behaviour also hinted that she is either an animal lover or a dog lover. Why? Ha, because i act the exact same way... hurhur.

Secondly, for those who know me, you would know that i have a strange fear of people, even the most harmless of sorts. Like children?!
So yeah, when the girl looked up at me, i was like: "oh no, oh no, what do i say? So awkward to just like keep quiet and smile at her right... Like, SO PSYCHO."

With the split second calculation in my brain, i blurted out candidly, just like i would to a friend, about how cute Jed is. (haha, i was amused big time at my thickened skin.) And she replied in a friendly and open way as well.

Ok, hardly a big deal i know, but i see this is a minor victory in my quest to be less tongue tied in spontaneous situations, and more comfortable with strangers in general. Because you see, in my line of work in future, i will be meeting strangers ALL the time!


I recently, erm, "installed" hot pink streaks into my hair. Actually, i wanted baby pink streaks but the shop didn't have em. They said that the hot pink would fade into a lighter pink and i bought the claim. So... hence, my ah-lian pink streaks.

I is liking them a lot! Except that i wished i could rearrange the positions of the streaks. But i can't do that unless i have the tools. Apparently, the hair is real and comes from girls in China who sell their long hair for money, so that they can pay for their school fees.

Rather interesting and kind of sad. It paints a picture of poverty, directly against indulgence. Yet, they gain and we gain as well, hence everyone is happy. But i wonder how much they are paid in exchange for their hair. I mean, hair takes ages to grow and once they chop off their locks, it'll be a long time before they can make some money out of it.


Ambrose said...

[quote]I have concluded that i will silently take stock of roughly what queensway has in their stores. Then i'll just head to the upmarket places to see what they have and try on the stuff and record the sizes i fit. If there are matches, then i'll head to queensway, because obviously the discounts are better. What's a customer to do, so as not to be duped?[/quote]

ai... (shoe) rubber cost? the time, transport fees, n effort it takes to get that done.. u might as well buy from upmarket places. besides, queensway is getting less cheap. the discounts seem to be getting lesser and lesser.. juz an opinion ;)

[quote]...when a girl from ACS (International) came by...[/quote]

was she cute? XP

<3 Ambrose

Anonymous said...

hey i got sth to say. i will nv let a dog smell my hand! wont he bite me? i m phobic of dogs, no way man. tat time my frend bday at her place, i whole nite avoided gg anywhere near her two dogs. (one dog is a bit chubby-12kg lor)and the name is true, chubby. really very scared of things tt can run around on the floor.i m not tat fond of rats too. although i want to open a protect white mice society. still i dun like sth running ard eerily on the floor.yikes!

joline said...


ok lor, i see how it works out then i see whether worth it to buy, yeah.

actually yeah, she was cute, in a girlish way. but no spectacles.... so, not for you! 8-D


why, oh why??? dogs are so lovely! they will not bite if they are not threatened. it's what you've seen or what others have said that makes pple so afriad... but they are lovely and therapeutic for humans...

Anonymous said...

i m nt so sure lor, i dun like dogs and their teeth, like will bite me if i go near them lor....shoooshooo get away from me! actually is i run away when i see a dog. i cant even walk thru my corrider at my house cos my neighbour have a very scary terrier.arghhhhhh....i m so not a dog person

joline said...


one day..... i shall introduce you to a nice dog. then u will see tt dogs can actually be very human-like. at least dogs look and feel way better than WORMS!

Anonymous said...

at least dogs r better than men.hahahaha, true wat?