Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm wondering if i should make the switch to wordpress. It's quite impressive visually, but functionally, it's too confusing for people like me. I've just made an account there and i've got a hibernating blog with a pretty header, but it annoys me that i can't mess around with the width. As you can see, this blogger template gives me the whole screen, but the wordpress one concentrates everything to be in the centre. So squishy! And for wot?!

To date, i've applied to Monash University, University of South Australia, University of Queensland and National Institute of Education (NIE). I'm now waiting for their replies.

I'm in a situation where i am confident in God's plan for me, while another side of me is anxious about whether I would be accepted anywhere. You see, i'm fine (ok, maybe 75% fine. i'm just creeped out by working life.) if God thinks i don't need a Masters to start working right away. Yet, when i look at my transcript which still isn't too bad looking, but when i fill out my application forms, i'm struck by how underqualified i am to do a Masters program.

Which is why i've told my folks and Gem, that if i REALLY do get a place in the Australian Uni(s), it is DEFINITELY God given, and there's no other reason besides that. No such thing as luck or human wisdom and strength here, man. It would be pure providence.

I'm reading up on the money issues and accomodation. It's so exciting but oh so tedious!

Another thing that i've discovered recently is... What happened to my running form?!??!?!!

For the past few weeks, I've been brisk walking because i accompany my folks to the canal/park connector at night. I have my short runs here and there but nothing too drawn out. Last sunday, i did 4.6km of jogging and i tell you, it was SO unpleasant. 3/4 way, i had to stop and stretch my back muscles that felt really tight, my knee(s) hurt (sharp pain type), the outer rim of my right foot was feeling "pounded" from the impact of running and my chest area was feeling fatigued and tight and I kept having to breathe extra deeply in order to feel like i'm getting enough oxygen to carry on running. All in all, i was a bit of a mess!

Ok, given, the night before, i slept at 6am la, so maybe that contributed to my poor performace.

I'm wondering if the knee pain was part of the result of brisk walking on the treadmill, which might've done more harm than good. Had a slight injury from moving quickly on the belt. Think i strained something. I'm glad to say though that i've dropped a bit more weight since my very odd post-half-marathon-weight-gain. You would've thought that you would lose some after running 21km, right?

Wrong! I put on something like, 3 kg?! Yeah man, what in the world... I wouldn't say that it was muscle gain cos i definitely didn't feel very healthy. I read up on post marathon weight gain and found that it might be water retention because the body is repairing itself after being strained. Ok, so it took me 4 MONTHS to repair meself? Gawsh.

Anyways... Miss Lalalo, with the new pair of rubber to burn!!! You can run with me now!!! ;-D


Lala said...

oh man, let me tell you, I DID WORSE!!!!! hahahah. its quite funny now that i think back, but the day after I got my new pair of saucony shoes, i went for a little, around 2.4km, jog at my neighbourhood.... and i ended up walking and running, walking and running, i probably walked like HALF or more than half of the whole distance!!! hoho.

but well, i could have forced myself to run and stuff lah, but i thought i'll just go at a nice slow pace and not force anything, because I really want to actually start ENJOYING running. yupppp.

so i did quite badly too, and my heart was actually pounding in pain at some points...heh. but all's good lah. just that my muscles are aching this morning. haha. :D

Lala said...

ohh, and yeah. i think wordpress is quite inflexible.... yeah. and not good for pictures, i still feel. but i really like the way it looks and the fact that it looks really good if you write alot. it goes real easy for the eyes of the reader. :) nice than blogger. heh. got pros and cons lah.

but havent u been having this blogspot for a really long time?!? its going to be a really huge change for you to change to wordpress eh?!??

joline said...


i LOVE your 2 lonnnnnnngg comments. so lovely to read. :-)

La, i agree with you. when u start running, it's never about pushing yourself to do what u feel tt u can't. Cos u'll end up hating and dreading the pain tt comes along. so u did the right thing. and u know what. sometimes, u can actually feel much better after a good long walk/brisk walk, versus a hard run. trust me!!!

muscle ache is good. :-D

keep it up ok! well done well done. maybe one day we go run at east coast and knock on Den's door. heh.

wordpress versus blogger. true. i've been blogging since... 2003. Wow. i wonder if the system will hang if i try to move all my stuff over!!! haha.

Anonymous said...

then ur old posts how? is wordpress tat good? blogger is very gd to me liao. also by the way, i m gg to tat NUS drama organised by University Scholar club, i think it sound so pro man. 80th anniversary of IMH. wohooo. as usual no one to go with me, i shall just go to see the cute uni guys walking abt. so excited! my 2nd time gg to NUS....i really envious of uni students, sound so cool!! the first time i went, i went to the dentistry library. cool man, but nv catch anyone's eyes. do i look too goodoo for them to realise i m not a student there? hahahaha, on a sad note, my home pc is still down, now using office comp...i cant go msn!! really miss talking to pple there...

joline said...


i agree that blogger is good enough... maybe i'm just wowed by the sophistication of wordpress.haha. but why am i looking at sophistication when i am much better suited for simplicity.

Hm... i get what u mean by uni students are so cool. erm. actually... maybe u look exactly like a student so tt's why they didn't think tt u being there was extraordinary.