Monday, March 10, 2008

I honestly thought that this advert was about a new laxative on the market. (it's talking about a new German lozenges, i think, actually. -_-" )

A dream come true! But it ended up tasting so-so only. (some of you know that i love fake strawberry cream and green tea flavoured stuff too)

This was sighted at Central at Chinatown, outside a Jap restaurant. My folks (they so happening, hor.) were holding a dark purple shawl behind the glass so that the yellow coloured words would be more visible. hurhurhur.

Part 1 of Gem's Valentine's Day gifts. I LOVE! We were shopping at Far East one day and i came across this shop with this belt. I've always wanted a red belt, and would've been happy with a plain one with the right thickness. But this flower design just made the red belt desire shoot up sky high! I didn't buy it though. But lo and behold, Gem got it for me most unexpectedly! I also love the greyish silver buckle. Very nice touch.

Part 2 of the Valentine's Day gifts. A Reebok running top! You can't really go wrong with running gear, when it comes to joline. So yeah! I love this too. One more to my collection of nice training/running stuff.

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