Saturday, March 22, 2008

2 men who made me laugh today

1. At church, while watching the baptism service (cell mate Champ was getting baptised!) taking place, i turned around to find my senior pastor standing behind me. And not only was he there, he was carrying his chubby little baby grand daughter. I wasn't quite sure how to act cos like, here was my senior pastor, some big shot in the church, but yet there he was, just a man (60+ years old) cuddling his baby grand daughter.

J: Oh! (err... mind races to find something to say) Hello....!
SP: Hi! *smiles till can't see his eyes*
J: *garbles something to him and can't remember what he said in reply*
J: What's her name?
SP: Gracie.
J: Oh... Gracie!
SP: Her mother is getting baptised.
J: Oh, ok! She really looks like you.
SP: Really? I don't think her mother would be happy to hear that...
J and M: *LAUGHS*

Oh man... My pastor is funny sia.................

2. Family was at Swensons discussing the various scenarios related to me and sister going to Australia around the same time, when mom exclaims:

M: Ah! When both of them leave... It's just the 2 of us... *buries face into dad's shoulder*
Dad: Sure what! 4 minus 2 is 2 wad...

My sister and i just CRACKED UP, and then my dad caught onto the joke and we all cracked up. I don't think my mom was as amused as us, but she didn't make a fuss.

It was so hilarious. I mean. Here was my mommy bringing up something pertaining to emotional ties (you know how WOMEN are... Emo creatures.), and here was this MAN, responding in such a practical, objective, emotionless way, doing a MATH SUM to address her concerns!



Issy said...

woahahahhahahah...funny!!! I laughed most at your dad 4-2 comment hahahah

oh n Senior Pastor, do u mean Pastor Derek??

joline said...


yup, pastor derek... none other. :-)

ha, my dad so terror one hor.

Anonymous said...

u mean u cfm going to australia to study?? arghhhh..seriously u are gg to dump everyone here?? wahhhhh...oh i think i will be quite sad cos i look forward to cuming here at lunch time u knw...

joline said...


it's not confirmed yet girl, really really. none of the australians unis have offered me anything yet, so just talking abt it is like, well, preparing for it mentally i guess.

and if i go, well, yeah, i will be "dumping" everyone, no choice lah, how to bring everyone along?

hahha, er, even if i go, thevacuum doesn't stop functioning leh! in fact, i think i will be writing more and posting more pic since it's my form of keeping everyone informed of what i am doing and how i am doing... anyway, aww, i'm glad u like coming here. :-D

Anonymous said...

although i will miss ur blog inputs and tat u r in sg now, i will still say go! soar and fly to ur ambition! study is good for you. "it is not the the idea tat a man has, it is the depth he holds it"(my superior email signature)

joline said...


thanks for your support girl. I will blog, i would i would, even if i go... :-)

i'm pretty sure my stories will be a bit more interesting if i'm residing in Aussie. Heehee.