Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The first draft of the document is due this thursday. What i've done so far is to come up with the outline, excluding all the content text. I've yet to design a cover page, but the coolest thing happened this morning. While i was half asleep in the wee hours, i suddenly thought of a title that actually made sense and wasn't all that cheesy! It's short, sweet, and says exactly what the booklet is about.

You know how things in your dreams always SEEM like they make sense, but they don't really, when you awake. But in my subconsciousness, i told myself to check the meanings of the words over and over again, and found that it made complete sense. I don't think i can reveal what it is over here though since it's a company thing and it hasn't been printed yet.

I miss blogging man.



Oh, to add on to the topic of interesting people at the library... This time, the people i encountered were so nice.!
(1) the man who moved one seat down because he saw all my stuff that i was carrying. When i glanced up at him, he told me he was giving me space to put all of it down. Sweet!
(2) this guy who was sitting opposite me heard my sniffling and sighing that was going on for a couple of hours. He first offered to buy me sweets for my sniffling and the told me where to get snacks and hot drinks in the library. Before i left, i bid him goodbye, and in return he said: "Remember. Don't drink cold drinks and drink milo before you sleep." Aww!


Anonymous said...

finding a purpose in life.....i have quarter life crisis now. Not sure of how to find a goal, a purpose. Haiz, i guess my goal slack and be happy everyday. slacker !

lakeside girl said...

I miss your blog too! ;)

Life has been hectic man!

Anonymous said...

theres another run leh called the mizuno wave run. at temasek poly stadium 630am on 22nd july.

joline said...


To 'find purpose' is a hard question to answer; hard to define and totally subjective. :-) However if you ask me personally... i'd say that one of things that might help is to seriously sit down and reflect on the things you have a passion for. Something that motivates you naturally. At the same time, i think that it is most helpful to be open to experiences, to schools of thought, and to also actively venture out from our comfort zones to get a feel of what else we can do other than what we do on a day to day basis. Questions like, is there more to life than just myself, and living for myself? is there something my life is missing, is there a void somehow that needs to be filled? May cause us to challenge ourselves to search.

Oh yes, i'm aware of that run! heehee, thanks girl :-) I was thinking of going for the Milk Run but it seems i might be a little late.. Hm... (and my stamina right now and quite bad..)
lakeside girl:

:-) yeah... and i haven't been reading too many blogs myself. oh well... thanks mari for always popping by to make the blog a little livelier! :-) Hope your trip was great.... (and not too emo....)