Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hey people. I'm still alive... Well, kinda. Had a bad headache when i left the house for work today that pretty much left me closing my eyes, with my face buried in my folded arms, not wishing to look at the computer screen and envisioning myself throwing up into a sink.... Ok, too much information. But that was so not fun. So much so that the boss was kind enough to ask a colleague to cover for me for the rest of the day.

Of late, my body has been rebelling, and some of the things i'm experiencing makes me wonder whether i unknowingly have some illness but i'm just oblivious to it since i haven't gone for any checkups.

Personally, i'm not worried about coming down with cancer, or whether i've got some other sinister disease. The only thing i dread about having a disease is the suffering bit, because my pain threshold isn't quite skyhigh. I somehow think that the people around me would worry more than i would. Basically, i just know that when i die, i'll be with God and that would be perfect bliss. I do not worry about my end destination because i know that i am already secure because of what my Jesus has done for me.

If i ever found out that i am dying, my first few concerns would be... Now, how am i going to spend the rest of my days on Earth? How can i make my life count? Finances... My family... Pain... Yeah. But i'm not worried about what happens when my heart beats its last beat.


Just handed in first draft of company's project. Whew! TO GEM: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've got something for you, so ask me for it on sunday ok? ;-)

I just treated myself to two bottles of perfume oil from The Body Shop (in addition to getting my usual Vit C fix). Ok, i rarely do this but i was so enthralled by the scents of the 2 new special editions. Mmmm... Gorgeous. *sniffs self* When i thought that i had already treated myself enough with products, i was blessed with more stuff... Because apparently when you spend 60bucks, you get a few free gifts all nicely packed in a paper box-bag thing (girls, you want? ;-D)

(1) Vit E moisture cream
(2) Vit E cream cleanser
(3) Grapeseed Showergel (i love the smell of this one!)
(4) Lip Gloss (in my favourite colour in the range!)
(5) Camomile make-up remover

So much stuff! Yeay!


Got to go sleep now. No more headaches for me. No way.

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