Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jed's dog run trip, my first dog run trip.

My current toilet book (heh) is The Da Vinci Code... I can't say very much about it yet content wise, but this i can say: Reading fiction books is suddenly a very alien concept to me.

I began reading the first page and the immediate thought that hit me was: How come the writing is so easy to read? Why is it so descriptive? Why are the words and sentence structure so easy to understand?

*sigh* Yes, academic textbooks have been the only reading i've been engaging with for a long time so much so that my mind has been conditioned to accept unpleasant complexity/difficulty as part of the whole experience of reading.

Which is rather sad because it killed my love for reading, a lovely pastime and luxury i had since i was a kid who devoured Enid Blyton and Judy Blume books like a locust attack and then moved on to savour science fiction books.


24th September, 2006. Finally, a perfect, rainless sunday afternoon.

Woo? Wot's in there?

It's me! JED! I wonder where they're taking me... I hope no more doctor's visits and jabs in my butt. But i'm happy! I'm going OUT of the housee! *AHROOOO!!!* And if you look closely, you can see a bit of my smile! *toothy grin*

Mommeee? What do i do? I'm off the leash, you mean like for real?

Hm... You big, handsome siberian husky. *sniff?*

(Jo says: Oh, this dude saw a piece of food in my hand that was meant for Jed and he sat before me like i was God.)

Doing the Dogwalk.

*Sigh...* I'm just so contented and it's such a beautiful day to run free. *toothy doggy smile*

Thanks Mommies.

(Jo says: This german shepard was walking all regal and stately beside its owners on a leash, but i PROMISE it was looking at all the other dogs with this look in its eyes: Food. Morsels. All. Of. Them. I. Want. To. Get. Some.)
But looks like a little guy got to check him out under there first. Hmmmm...

(Jo says: Just one of the many visitor dogs that would come by to say hello to my sister and i. (sister's leg and elbow)

( Jo says: Oh, and while i was sitting on a log, this dude kept coming by to butt his head against me and lie down on the grass against my legs. Sweet furry pooch.)

(Jo says: Since he was such a cute fella and the other dogs were too busy socializing, i gave Mr Golden Retriever a piece of beef jerky. The piece was too small (it was meant for small dogs like Jed) but Mr Golden Retriever lapped it up eagerly from my hand and it promptly slipped out again from its mouth and fell onto my knee in a sad slobbery lump.)
The photo's a bit dark because i took it when it was fast approaching night time. Yes, i forgot the night mode function. -.-"

(Jo says: Pretty picture i got of the log i was sitting on and its fungus friend.)


Eliss said...

wat happened to ur tag board? my sis's tag board also like this.I read The Da Vinci Code already and i had to admit it is a very exciting book but the problem was i nv understood the ending!

joline said...


i've no idea too! as long as it's from tagboard, they're all messed up with no alert from the service provider! *roar*

Haha, hm... ok, if i get it (or if i think i do) i'll let you know. i watched the show with my folks at home on dvd but fell asleep halfway. hahahhaa. alamak.

Vicki said...

gah Jed is so well behaved. My Rusty will run away already and challenge other dogs and probably get himself killed if i bring him to the dog run.

I dun bring Rusty for walks cause he looks like a stark raving mad hound pulling on the leesh every 3 secs. And he has a big garden to walk around and run around too. But when Rusty escapes you can definately tell its him cause hes the only mad jack rascal roaming around Serangoon Gardens.

joline said...


Hmmm... ok. I guess with a big garden to run around all day long, i'll not be accurate to say that he's overactive because he's not getting the freedom he needs. I know that certain dogs when pent up for too long, tend to go berserk at the first opportunity at freedom. I know Jed is like that.

Well, actually Jed is quite a monster at home and when i saw him outside for the first time, i was surprised at how well he behaved... Except for one time when he was surrounded by too many dogs and didn't like it so he began barking at them to chase them off, and subsequently he even bullied 2 children! -.-"

Still, i would be lovely to see how Rusty would take to being off the leash and to run free.. The field is pretty big! And i've seen other Jack Russels run around madly too... Chasing other dogs and getting all excitable, true to their breed. One chased Jed before and it was quite funny to watch. Usually most owners don't mind the dogs having a frolick as long as it doesn't go down to resulting in a nasty scrape involving torn dog body parts and the like.