Thursday, December 02, 2004


Did a minor adjustment to my gym routine and so it seems that i am not aching so much and acutely today.
Now i am left with: Should i have done that? I feel like i've not done enough, know?

Heh, do you hear the "No Pain, No Gain" saying speaking out?

Looked in the mirror and discovered what gymming did for me and i am pleasantly surprised.
Not that it is really obvious to the man (errm, so to speak), on the street. But obvious enough for me to actually realize that i've gotten new muscle lines (when you flex) that show the muscle groups!

Interesting. I think i should up my gym training. Once a week isn't as beneficial as twice, which is what the team is doing.
Well, mostly.

The festive season and holidays...
When cash registers are noisier than usual and when all my pants look like there's a hole in place of where a pocket is suppose to be.

I have to run off again to the other side of the country. Again.

Till Then.
*I have a new toy.*

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