Thursday, December 18, 2003

Grins a little madly into the Camera

Hi folks!
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! They sure made THEE day and the days after complete. *hugs to all*
I really do appreciate them. They make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy.

To January:
Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I'm grateful. :-)
About Melb Uni, no problem... Anytime you feel like, ya can leave me a note.

*And Joline feels like the happiest, shiniest (think "Dove" advert. keke.) and most accepted person in the whole wide world*

A little story that hit home, regarding a topic that i feel very strongly about. I could say it is dedicated to a few people out there.
Here goes:

"A class was in session, and the topic laid down by the teacher for the next few lessons was about how the Universe, or the whole of creation, came about.
And so the teacher taught the class that the phenomena responsible for creation was the Big Bang. (yes, the Big Bang Theory)
The teacher then told the class to get into groups to do a project on it.

So 1 group got together and by sheer mastery, managed to fashion a remarkable model of the 9 planets revolving around the sun.

On the day of the presentation, the class and the teacher was awestruck and thoroughly impressed by the work of art.
The teacher then called out,
"Who did this?"

No one said a word.

Then out from the silence, the voice of a Christian boy spoke out,
"Nobody. That's what you taught us, didn't you?"

Then, the Dog God, regal and strong, cleared his throat and spoke to all the little squirming puppies who sat as still as they could before him.
They were attending the last training session before they were due the next morning.

"If your owner scolds you: learn, love and obey.
If your owner spanks you: learn, love and obey.
If your owner yells at you: learn, love and obey.
If your owner abuses you: learn, love and obey.
If your owner abandons you: learn, love and obey."

Then Dog God thinks for a moment, silence hanging in the air, then tilted his handsome head slowly to look at the Miniature Pinscher group and said,

"But you guys are exempted."

Uh, ok. That wasn't biblical. Just a generated imaginary picture.

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