Monday, January 04, 2010

recent snaps (oh, and it's my 1000th post on thevacuum!)


As promised, some random photos. And more to come...

Ex-cell leader's wedding dinner at The Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa.
Beautiful (deco), simple (procedures) and clean of "frills" (like the whole yam seng thing). I likey. This was taken at my spot at the long banquet like table while waiting for people to come.

There was this mood lighting thing going on, so the colours changed every few seconds bathing everything in its hue. So this was red.Then blue.
And neutral.

Dessert at Mykii, Holland Village.
This was the green tea ice cream with espresso, i think.

The green tea cake... which did not taste like green tea at all. If you told me it was a new york cheesecake, i would have also believed you. It was bland. The tastiest part of the cake was the whipped cream on top of it.

At my classmate's home baking cookies!
It's her special recipe for cranberry almond cookies. There's crushed cereal, chopped almonds, quaker oats and cranberries in there. As healthy as butter cookies go, i guess. :) Getting ready to be baked.Baked and displayed on the plate to cool.


zzen said...

wow, dun it just makes u look forward to ur own wedding....hahaha lights only make me so sentimental......wahahaha

joline said...


yep... when i was there at the dinner, i was thinking: shucks, i wish i could fast forward time to my own wedding. and when i saw the resort and the bedroom suite, agh!!! it was so lovely!

zzen said...

exactly. i felt tat whenever i see lovey dovey pics on fb.duh~~~ok i must first find a candidate 1st

IzzyBellyHoo said...

wow, was that KL's wedding? so beautiful! :) he invited me, but what a bummer i could not make it...

joline said...


yes it was! :) yeah lor, if only u were ard, think u wld've liked the deco.