Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dog Run Part 2

Jed looking up at the treat my sister is holding.

Checking one another out.

Jed is trying to show who is boss. Sigh.

Shot of the dog run while the sun sets. Dogs playing in the mud. Huge black dog checking Jed out. Jed doesn't stray very far from us, so he trots back every now and then to hang around us.

Very pretty Corgi.


zzen said...

jed is a small dog with a BIG spirit! super cute.

Sensei Lucille said...

i like the corgi.,

joline said...


oh yes he is... :)

he does shrink away in fear though when people get too friendly with him. haha. like when people find him cute or interesting and they approach him, his tail goes down and he cowers in fear and becomes aggressive.

sensei lucille:

it's so pretty isn't it? the face is like a golden retriever's. so peaceful and happy looking. teehee.