Friday, January 08, 2010

Cute Jed moments

Cute Jed moment No.1

Cute Jed moment No.2
He's doing this usual begging tricks... My mom is eating a nice juicy mango and he ingratiates himself with her, as you can see, spreading his doggy self on my mom's stomach and resting his little doggy head on her chest and staring longingly at the mango. Look at those eyes... Aiyo.


zzen said...

jed looks hungry..or issit greedy?hehehe

joline said...


by default, he is always greedy.

so far the only thing he dislikes and will refuse to eat is papaya.

(and other pungent things like chilli padi, raw garlic, etc)

zzen said...

huh!hi 5 to ur dog, jed. becos i HATE PAPAYAS as well! it just taste weird and smell very bad. i nv eat papaya at all.whohooooo.finally find some one aka some dog tat has the same feelings as me abt papayas!!!!!yipeeeee