Thursday, December 03, 2009

This little dude was perched in a zen-like manner on the first step of the flight of stairs. ALMOST squashed him when i came pounding down the stairs. Isn't he cute? Check out his awesome curled tail with the tip just hanging over his head! He didn't even so much as budge or twitch when i stuck my camera near his lizardy face. I was ready to leap back if he jumped or anything though. Heh.

Driven by the reality of my gross natural curls that ruined my side parting, my bald spot on my preferred side to part my hair at (too many years at the same parting), the itch for a new look, i went to cut myself some bangs at JP. I really like it! Even though my sister thinks i look toot. I love my sister, she tells me her honest opinion without hesitation and i in turn appreciate her prompt and objective feedback. After all, i always prefer the truth over a lie that would make me "happy".
I was thinking about doing this for weeks and finally, when Van said "Just go!", i decided... OK, I SHALL! I figured that i might chicken out at the entrance of the salon, but somehow, something about the place made me take a step in to enquire about the price for cutting a fringe. A nice lady greeted me and answered my queries, and when i decided $5 was a good deal, i decided to give it a go.
I was praying, "God, please give me an experienced stylist!" (i was frekkin scared because i'm not one to follow trends and i've never had bangs maybe since i was a wee kiddo?!)
And true enough, God gave me the LEAD HAIR STYLIST can? Who was the same nice lady who answered my queries. In about 10 minutes, i was done, and personally i think she did a quick, professional and tidy job. Just by looking my hair over and flipping it about, she could pinpoint how my hair behaves (natural waves, cannot cut too short and not this way, etc) and what i should avoid and what would be suitable for my face shape and manageable for me to maintain. Ok, maybe i look like a goon here. HAHA. I like!

Ok, slightly more normal looking here.


zzen said...

i tink ur black specs look serious.wahaha ok we are talking about fringe hor. oh suits u! nice leh! i cant never cut a fringe cos i find the fringe will make my face itchy.cant tahan tat at all.

joline said...


*big huge grin* thanks girl, really nice to know that you think it suits me! my sister seems to be the only one who thinks otherwise.

haha, with the specs, i look even more like The Nerd that i've always been since my school days. :D

Oh, it's not itchy at all. somemore your hair is so fine... the only thing it does is trap all the oil and dirt under the fringe. so when i get home, i have to ensure that i wash my forehead well. haha, gross eh.

zzen said...

u r nt nerdy leh, just tat i thot u will be prettier if ur specs is those colorful ones. but then agn, ur future job better have black specs la.

nt so hot ger said...

next one: side fringe!wahaha. i do have a side fringe, but i end up pining it up anyway. so it is mite as well dun cut.i find put down hair so hot leh. must be the hakka blood in me.i mean warm. not sizzling hot.HAHHHHAHA

joline said...


yeah, it can be hot at times!

Sensei Lucille said...

now you look like a real librarian chick

joline said...

sensei lucille:

haha, indeed! today at service, i was greeted mostly by comments like, look "china", like porcelain doll, chinese classic beauty, like a mother in the 1980s in singapore... aiyo.)

i think i prefer the librarian chick comment the most. hahha.