Friday, December 11, 2009

Narnia is freaking awesome. Ok, I'm biased because i love medieval related war scenes (swords! bows! arrows! catapults! chain mail! armour!), horses, mythical animals, animals in general. But as i was saying...

In Prince Caspian, I love it when little Lucy emerges from the forest, steps onto the bridge and faces an army of probably hundreds. She's fearless as she unsheathes her little dagger. She appears all alone till the majestic Aslan comes up from behind to stand beside her.

I just love the image it portrays. Despite facing the odds of 2 is to hundreds, she had placed her complete trust in her hero, the one whom she believes had come to overcome and to save. So much so that she could step out in total confidence to confront grown and war bloodied men with her tiny "letter opener".

It isn't just about what we can do on our own. After all, all we can do is give whatever we've got. We can't go beyond that. What we CAN do however is believe in the One who has the utmost wisdom, power and authority, who will make up for what we lack to help us conquer our challenges.

That is what makes the whole difference.


WR @ David said...

Amen to that!

Ambrose said...

random post:
today was at the night safari (car park). went there after dinner w family to grab ben n jerry ice cream for my sis (n myself) :p
so we were done w ice cream, happy n all, having a great night, when we got back to our car, and... we couldn't unlock it.
no matter how many times i tried to press that little button on the remote lock thing.. the car refused to unlock.
so my mum said to me "hey.. i remember seeing batteries back at the night safari. how about we go check it out?"
so my dad n i went back to check it out. my sis n mum, wearing heels, well.. we left them standing at the car :)
so dad and i went to get batts, n u're probably wondering where i'm goin with this story. well, we went to the shop, but nope! they only sell AA n AAA batts, none for the remote thing. my dad was like "lets just use the key, let the alarm go off, and head home. no one cares really."
but i just couldn't live with doing that.. so guess what? i prayed. i held on to the key real tight, rubbing it with my thumbs like it was aladdin's magic lamp, and prayed "God, please make this work. Show my family how great a God you are, since I just mentioned casually when we reached the night safari that yes, i was indeed a Christian. Show that You're real."
honestly, i had a little doubt, but with the feeble thing i have called faith, i tried to quash the doubt that arose.
well, guess what happened? the remote worked like a charm. i went up to the door, said a quick amen, and pressed the button. voila! the car unlocked! in my head, i was thinking "THank God Thank God Thanks God.." haha..
well, my testimony for today. i dunno bout the big things, but heh, i'm glad to say that i've had my share of little miracles. i can't explain how a dying battery came back to life, it just did. so.. tada. story of the day.
Happy birthday girl. :D

zzen said...

yeah, HAPPY birthday!