Tuesday, November 10, 2009

jet out, iphone in?

With M1 and now, STARHUB joining in the race, that is, selling the iphone as well... i am SO tempted. To jumpship AND to trade in my Samsung Jet.

I have to admit, i still hate touch screens. But i wonder if the iphone's touch screen technology and it's interface would be any better... The Jet's not a bad phone, it's just the fact that the touch screen and nitty gritty details to do with interface isn't that efficient, which makes its usage darn annoying for someone like me who's got to do things snappy and on the go. I've been quite frustrated with it recently. :-(

there are some features that the iphone is lacking (features which i count as important): a good camera with flash, a front pointing cam for video calls, bluetooth (the iphone's is next to useless), and decent battery life.

i guess... i just need to get used to this irritating touch screen nonsense. For now. Who knows, maybe my next phone will have the good old keypad, once the phone makers have figured out how to include big screens with keypads in a slim phone body. In my world, and probably everyone else's, life zooms by at a crazy pace and i find myself having to multitask as i move about. Thinking, planning, communicating, pondering, worrying, troubleshooting...

Maybe having this little monster called the samsung Jet will slow me down for a bit, to hone my patience and allow me to take time to see what goes into my smses. Might help my brain form more neural connections while i'm at it, since i'm still fumbling. But boy, i wish i could make the perfect phone!


wileen said...

same thoughts bout jet!!! i thinking of changing phone too, but cannot ah. haha.

shall learn patience... =)

n my cousin n aunt recently got iphones too!

how come i dun see u in church last wk huh. haha

joline said...


yeah, i've been on hiatus from church because i'm grasping for extra time to complete my assignments. been really busy for me recently.

it's a love hate thing with the jet man. but i think recently, it's been more hate than love. gahhh. got to psycho myself that i'm in for the long haul with this phone... ragh.

woah.... i wonder if your cousin and aunt like the iphone as much as everyone else? (i just can't see how touch screen phones can be a joy to use)