Wednesday, November 04, 2009

hello sekrit stawkur hannah: heehee! thanks for dropping by and dropping me a note. nice to know there's someone's reading out there! :) and yes, i have decided that i will not go. but, i think i will hijack someone's bag space... to pass something nice to some of the kids. I HOPE the someone won't mind too much. :oD Yeah, jenn said she can't go and it was sad to hear. it wld've been nice to experience the dynamics of being the same team as our worship pastor. :) Are you going?


Some random photos that i took with my old sony ericsson that never got onto the blog till now:

Was walking through my friend's HDB estate when i saw this AWESOME old school mama shop at the VOID DECK of the block. Oh my goodness. Check out the clock! It's SO OLD! Possibly from the 1980s??? I have no idea. It brings me back to my childhood, when trips to the minimarts were absolute excursion treats, with the possibility of being able to bargain (read: plead, pout, emotional coercion) with the accompanying adult to buy me candy or chocolates, or a mechanical pencil. :)

Look! LOOK! I love it that the place has been preserved and is still being run by an old uncle.

Moving on. I've never experienced drinking tea like this in a hawker food centre with such tiny tea cups. Really unique.

That would be our tea pot, perched beside us.

Was at Bugis when i passed by pet lover's centre and was stunned when they used a miniature pinscher as a doggy model. LOVE! You usually see other dogs like golden retrievers, spaniels or some other friendly looking fluffy thing. But here, you see a lovely, handsome little min pin. :)

Ok, in not so glamourous times, here's my own min pin under the covers.

Mom and i at a booth in the science centre being amused by one of the exhibits. Can't remember what the technology was about. If you can see, i'm holding up my phone to snap a photo.

Spotted at The Central. I kid you not. (original word bring "glass") Some smart*** probably wanted to have a laugh.

Ancient tomes in NLB. Was trying to search for information on work trends in Singapore. Not helpful at all. And look at how old school the books are! Where have all the publications from local writers from NUS, NTU, etc, all gone to?



Sensei Lucille said...

u know that's the second time u've posted the "glass" picture..."P

joline said...

sensei lucille:

haha, yes, i had some inkling that i did... :p
for those who haven't seen it!

Juz Leo said...

hey Jo, I had a really good time reading this post. It's so lighthearted and fun. Love the pict of Jed under the covers!!!

joline said...

juz leo:

*beam* thanks jus, always a pleasure to know that you enjoyed it! makes me a happy blogger. :D Hope to bring in more amusing snapshots over time for another episode of life on the lighthearted lane.

haha, yes, i love the picture of jed too. he's so silly!

z said...

i m still scared of dogs leh. esp big dogs like golden. just seemed like will attack me...gosh.but small dogs are like those tat will bark realy loud

joline said...


you really must touch/play with a golden retriever some day... unless it's been very poorly handled, it's actually such a friendly and gentle breed of dog which makes it a very good dog with children even. :D

dogs don't attack people unless it's been trained to, or feels threatened by you. otherwise, they really are a delight in a human's life!